how i more than doubled my blog following in 10 days

hey friends,

So, at the beginning of the month, I invited people on my list to join my blog and wrote a little post explaining my thought on the three most vital keys to growing your blog following. I sent one email to my list and I’ve popped it onto facebook and twitter a few times. I’ve not done any intensive promotion via hubs and strategic alliances but I thought you might enjoy a quick update.

With very little effort my blog following has more than doubled from 94 people to 204 (i’m writing this on April 15th so it might be higher than that now – you can check the latest numbers here)

I know these numbers are very small all things considered . . . but consider that I’ve barely started the campaign. So I write this to encourage you to see what you can do to yours. Might be easier than you think.

I’ve got a goal of 1000 people subscribed to my blog by the end of April.

Can you help me get there?

Here’s an easy way, on Twitter or Facebook post this: “Are you a conscious entrepreneur? Check out this cool blog:”

And if you haven’t subscribed yet – then I invite you to do so here.




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