WHEN: July 28th @ Noon Pacific for 90 Minutes

A High End Offer Is ...

  • A package of services, experiences, and sometimes products
  • Priced at $5,000 or more (often much more, but depends on the market)
  • Delivers a highly valuable transformation in the most efficient and/or effortless way possible

You don’t need an ebook, course, membership, coaching program, mastermind, and line of children’s clothing in order to be successful as a coach.

You just need one high end offer that you can stand behind 100%.

A high end offer allows you to work with a small handful of clients, deliver a massive transformation, and get paid well for it.

It’s an incredibly fulfilling — and simple — business model that you can put into place very quickly.

But designing your first (or next) high end offer can be a challenge.

How To Price Your High End Offers?

Before you can even think about pricing, you need to know what it should include. And before you can figure that out, you need to choose a focus for your offer.

This task is made even harder by the fact that most coaches don’t share the details of their offers. So you have no examples to go off of.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why I’m hosting a workshop with my colleague Greg Faxon to walk you through the process step by step.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The 3 critical components of a high end offer
  • Examples of offers that real coaches are selling right now
  • How to design your high end offer (with time to brainstorm + live coaching)
  • The biggest mistakes people make when putting together a new high end offer
  • Why high end offers weirdly require less marketing than low end offers
  • Who high end offers are a great fit for (and who should avoid them)
  • Ideas and resources for how to sell your new offer

Who This Workshop Is For:

Service providers, especially coaches, who don’t yet have a high end offer and are curious about exploring the idea but don’t know where to start.

To Get The Most Out Of This Workshop, You Should:

  • Have some sense of your niche
  • Have worked with at least a few paid clients already
  • Be able to provide a significant transformation for clients

What This Workshop Will Help You Do:

You’ll leave with a rough draft of your high end offer. Something that you’d love to sell, outlined, with clear next steps to take it over the finish line. Note that this workshop is not focused on teaching you to sell or market your offer.

About Greg Faxon:

Greg Faxon helps coaches fill their client roster using high end offers. He wants every single coach to experience the freedom and satisfaction that comes with a full client roster and he does this by making marketing simple. Greg has been featured on, Business Insider, LeadPages, and Fizzle. His interview with Seth Godin has been viewed over 73,000 times on YouTube. Learn more about Greg at

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