Niching: Six Core Videos and Five Core Blog Posts


If you’ve followed my work for a while, you know that I’m all about niching.

I even created a whole website about it (with a tonne of free content). 

I thought it was high time that I put all of my core, bite-sized thoughts in one place.


Six Videos:

My Core Philosophy on Niching

The Seven Steps of the Niching Spiral

The Three Elements of Your Niche

On Niching: Your Gifts. Your Nature. Your Wounds

The Niching Nest – Idea #1: Your Niche Is Your Role In the Community

Filter, Faucet, Funnel: Where do you start?


Five Blog Posts:

How Do I Know if My Niche is Clear Enough? Three Simple Steps

How Niched Is Niched? 

On Nichelessness: Apple, Richard Branson and Oprah Didn’t Niche So Why Should I?

Why People Struggle With Niching – It’s Not Just About Who You’re Trying to Reach

Are You Marketing The Journey or The Boat?


Want Help With Your Niching? Four Options.

Read the eBook on my niching perspective and process:  The Niching Nest ($25 USD)

Book a Niche Review where you send me your niche as concisely stated as possible, and I’ll offer you feedback on where you could make it clearer and  stronger: Niche Review ($40 USD)

Book an hour-long Puttering Session. This is one-on-one coaching at a cut rate because I’ll be puttering (doing dishes, dusting, etc) while we talk. Read more about this unique and popular option for working with me. Puttering Session.

Sign up for my 90-Day Niching Spiral Homestudy Program. This is a self-guided program, clearly laid out, including email prompts. It’s a manageable, step-by-step process that can lead to a crystal clear niche if you really commit to the work of it. Niching Spiral Homestudy Program ($300 USD) The Niching Spiral is now retired as a separate course but is part of the membership.

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