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How to Do Cold Calls Hippy Style

In my mind, Ari Galper has single handedly transformed and revolutionized the world of cold calling. He’s taken something everyone hates and turned it into something people love. A minor miracle – here is just a taste of what he’s got to say on the subject. Check out his website for more (and a free Cold Calling course – brilliant!)

Cold Calling Mini-Lesson
-by Ari Galper, “Unlock The Game” TM

Suppose cold calling could be as natural and comfortable as calling someone you already know. It’s possible. Cold calling, with the Unlock The Game™ mindset, shows you how to stay relaxed, create a two-way dialogue and help your potential client overcome their fear that you have a hidden agenda (hint: with the Unlock The Game™ mindset, hidden agendas are not allowed).

The Mindset

Before you even pick up the phone to make a cold call, are you thinking to yourself, “I hope this call leads to an appointment“?

Where is your mind focused? Probably on your need to trigger enough interest from your potential client that you get closer to a sale. You also might be assuming that, because you believe so strongly in your product or service, the person you’re calling should listen to what you have to say.

Focusing on your need to make a sale has nothing to do with the truth of your potential client’s situation or whether you can help them or not. That’s the mental conflict that starts creating the rejection in cold calling.

Start shifting your mindset to think of a cold call not as a means to a sale but as a way to create an dialogue that will help others tell you the truth about their needs.

Also, your willingness to accept either a “yes” or a “no” from your potential clients, rather than pursuing only a “yes,” unlocks the mindset.

The Language

When you cold call, do you start off with phrases like:

•    “Hi, my name is John. I’m with XYZ Company and we are a…I’m wondering if you might have a few minutes?
•    “Hi, my name is Sheryl. I’m with XYZ Consulting. How are you this morning?

These introductions have been used for years and continue to be taught in traditional sales training programs. As you know, these introductions immediately associate you with the negative image of a salesperson.

When potential clients hear you, what happens? They become defensive with rejection-filled phrases like “Thank you, but we’re not interested” or “We’re happy with our present vendor.”

How can you eliminate the traditional “salesperson” image and avoid triggering pressure with the person you are calling?

Consider this simple solution:

•    “Hi. Maybe you can help me out for a second.”

That’s it. After you say this (in a low-key, soft-spoken way), simply pause and wait until your potential client replies:

•    “Sure, how can I help you?” or “Sure, I’ll try.”

Let’s stop and examine what has just happened here. You didn’t push to sell anything; you just asked for help. When people are asked for help, what happens? They usually respond by offering to help. You begin the conversation in a humble manner, reducing traditional buyer-seller sales pressure.

Where Do You Go From Here?

The path of the conversation can take several turns at this point. But here are a few hints of what to avoid:

•    Don’t start with your “sales pitch” (offering your solution before you have agreed on specific problems only creates more sales pressure)
•    Don’t convey over confidence — for the sale — to your potential client (you haven’t built trust yet, so all that exists as this point is mistrust)
•    Don’t let it be about you and your solution until you’ve learned what their problems and needs are.

You have now been briefly exposed to the first step of Unlock The Game™ mindset and language related to cold calling. Each step after “Hi, maybe you can help me out for a second”, is thoroughly discussed in the Self-Study Program, covering each path you might take on your cold call.

In addition, every potential objection you might hear (i.e. “What are you selling?”, “We already have a vendor”, “Send me information”, “We don’t have the budget”, etc.) is thoroughly analyzed and addressed with a response based on the Unlock The Game™ mindset.



If you want more help figuring out a non-gross and non-awkward approach to selling then check out my Heart of Selling Interview with Mark Silver



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