the cheat sheet from my holistic practitioners workshop

For the past two years or so I’ve been developing and leading a daylong workshop called, ‘Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners‘. I’m pretty proud of it.

And, after my workshop in Nelson this summer, one of the participants, Diana van Eyk dropped with me an email with the notes she’s taken during the workshop. Seven and half pages of types notes.

And it occurred to me that you might find this ‘cheat sheet’ useful since you might not have been able to make it to my workshop.


Download Diana’s Detailed Notes Here


A bit about your hook up – Diana van Eyk: “I am a left, green, art loving ideas junkie who lives with two zen masters, Fen & Phoebe, who appreciate the meals I prepare for them. (I set it up when privacy concerns were rampant — Fen & Phoebe are my cats). I’m involved in, and another site Redefining Beauty. And here’s the last website I’m involved with – Community Dollars.”