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the journey

I’ve just woken up in Kelowna at the International Hostel (that’s me in my room to the right). It’s pretty great. And the other hostelers here have my gratitude for ending their Beer Pong competition at 11pm. I’m here because I’m leading my Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners workshop and last night was the first

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Graciousness. We need to remember this in business. When we forget our graciousness – we can end up upsetting everyone in our desire to promote ourselves. I just finished a day long workshop in Ottawa and had two interesting experiences with what I’ll call ‘hijacking’. What is hijacking? Well, sure – your PC could be

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‘Shame on You’ Marketing

I want to talk about shame and marketing. I’ve got a cough. I’ve had it for about four years. It comes and goes – but mostly it comes. The truth is that I’m sick of it. I’ve seen a naturopath, an herbalist and am working out whatever emotional causes there might be. And when you

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There’s a Crack In Everything

My guess is that your product and service isn’t perfect. Most aren’t. And it can be so easy to let this stop us from offering them – because one day we’ll be more enlightened and a better healer. Or perhaps we’ll make our products 100% non-toxic. Or our non-profit will be totally radical in its

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