Goodwashing & Greenwashing

Chevron Thinks We’re Stupid

So, Chevron’s just come out with a new ad campaign showing how much they care. But is it real? Consider that British Petroleum spent more money rebranding itself as Beyond Petroleum than they did on renewable energy. And that was before they destroyed the gulf. Good deeds or goodwashing? Watch the videos below and leave […]

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Do not Trust Profile Pictures!

Anyone who’s done any internet dating knows that you can’t trust pictures. Just like most of us know that you can’t trust marketing. People are suspicious. They assume you are putting your product and services best features forward. Here’s a great, and funny, example of how this can happen. Lesson: Tell the truth. Be upfront

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Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign

There’s a lot of ‘good washing’ out there. Major corporations putting a little money and a lot of hype into good works in the community. And perhaps Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty is an example of that. What do you think? Regardless of whether it is or not – the ad itself is brilliant in

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The Six Sins of Greenwashing

Do you know that your competitors aren’t as green as they SAY they are? Are they misleading the public? Sure they are. A lot of big companies are. Arm yourself with this information on the 6 major types of greenwashing. To get it – just click on the link below.   If you’d like

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