Ethics in Advertising

Marketing, Women and Men

Marketing. On the upside marketing can be a beautiful thing. It can bring clarity and structure to getting word out on green things that the world needs. It can be a force the empathizes with and heals people’s insecurities. On the downside, it can be the very force that fosters those insecurities. And of course, …

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Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ Campaign – Sincere or Cynical?

These days it can be hard to tell if companies are engaged in genuine good works and are genuinely transforming themselves to be more conscious or if it’s just a cynical marketing ploy that leaves people cynical about marketing. Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign hasn’t been without controversy. In this add they push further. What do …

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Bill Hicks on Marketing

My brother – a stand up comedian who tours Canada – got me turned onto Bill Hicks – a comedian’s comedian who passed away too soon. But this scathing piece on why marketers are the devil is important. Marketing can be about communicating genuine value with clarity. It can also be about exploiting insecurities to …

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The Six Sins of Greenwashing

Do you know that your competitors aren’t as green as they SAY they are? Are they misleading the public? Sure they are. A lot of big companies are. Arm yourself with this information on the 6 major types of greenwashing. To get it – just click on the link below.   If you’d like …

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