candid 40 minute video interview on alternative pricing models – pwyc, barter, sliding scale and gift economy

I’m excited to send you this email because it includes a forty minute interview with me talking about my view on alternative pricing models such as pay what you can/want, barter, sliding scale or straight up ‘gift economy’ and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with your pricing then you might really like this. 

I’ve written a few blog posts about it but this is the most in depth you’ve likely ever heard me speak about it.

And let me be clear – I am speaking from considerable personal experience on the subject having run the vast majority of my weekend workshops over the past decade on a pay what you can model. I’ve led a weekend workshop on the topic and it’s been one of the main topics of discussion I’ve had with my colleagues over the past years.

What you’re about to watch is the condensed, Coles Notes version of the past ten years of my hard won learnings on the topic.

This video is my gift to you. Feel free to share it.

I hope you enjoy it.

About Tad

  • Tad’s insight and thoughts offered through this interview, for me, clarified some issues about pricing for services I’d like to provide through my businesses. And now I have more questions too. The 40 minutes I took to watch this was time well spent.

  • thanks steve! glad you liked it :-) yes – so many questions in pricing. working on a big blog post on it.

  • aSmilingWorld

    Hi Tad, just watched this very timely video as I am working on changing my pricing model. I love your suggestion to mix & match and not get hung up on any one approach, but intuitively select what feels right. Thanks for the great information.

  • you’re welcome. so glad you liked it :-)

  • aSmilingWorld

    Just a quick question. You mentioned in your video a figure of $1700 related to your 3 day workshop. When you use PWYC do you quote a ‘normal price’ or ‘value’ figure or do you leave it completely open?

  • people have the option of paying the full market price when they sign up or they can opt for PWYC which almost everyone does

  • Victoria Rosa Sturley

    Just thought I´d give you a heads up. I can´t see an embedded video, just html tags and a link with no hyperlink. Managed to open it anyway. Looking forward!