Calgary RBI 2013

Participants of the Calgary, 2013
Radical Business Intensive
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 Ashley Erick
My name is Ashley and I just started a business this year. Wild&Raw is a superfood smoothie and juice bar and we are also making delicious homemade raw treats as well.  We are looking unique marketing strategies that will help us attract the perfect guests to our establishment.
I have been living in a community home for a year now and we have created a healing sanctuary within. I love the atmosphere and the interactions with so many diverse people. We have chosen to live in the gift, meaning that the services that we offer are gifted to the people as a pay what you can. We feel that people have so many unique gifts that are valued just as much as money and those gifts need to be shared.
Thank you for offering this workshop as a pay what you can service so all can benefit from your gift.
Cailen van Tighem
I am a yoga teacher with a passion for helping others find self-awareness, self-acceptance and physical ease through yogic movement and breath. Yoga practice builds awareness and presence with ourselves, and we are able to be present for others and enjoy the experience and connections life brings. I seek to share the gifts of compassion, wisdom, and health that yoga has given me.
I currently co-own Yoga Within the Heart Yoga Studio in beautiful Bragg Creek, Alberta and have a special interest in teaching therapeutic yoga.

Claire Bramham
I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist working in Calgary for the last 11years and am originally from the UK. I help people overcome issues such as Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Fears and phobias.
I have been very fortunate to be so busy in Calgary considering I don’t do marketing or advertising. I have survived on word of mouth referrals and would like to know more about how to market my business and spread the word as to how effective hypnosis is in therapy.

Dave Carlton
Greetings, my name is Dave Carlton. Growing up in Calgary I feel a tie to the city, adding to it, participating and developing in the growing cultural scene. I’m a passionate foodie and locavore-locawhore. Working towards inspiring many about the benefits and amazing good times of a resilient food system. Using techniques of permaculture and SPIN-farming I run a company with three amazing friends called, The Leaf Ninjas. We grow veggies to provide to farmers markets, our community and restaurants. Looking ahead we/I am excited to do more rural work helping develop immediate and long term food.
What I’m looking for out of the weekend is to make epic new friends/connection. Have a focus to work on communication and marketing ideas with my businesses. Also to take this information and help other friends/groups/organizations I believe in with tips tricks and techniques to help them move forward.
Dianne  Fergstad
I am the Community Relations person for The Rural Link an internet provider company. Our head office is in Springbank just outside Calgary.
My position involves promoting The Rural Link in a positive way in the community. Sales, HR, Marketing all play an important part of what I do.
I am very interested to learn every thing I can on promoting me, my business.

Erica Kubanek
Ok! So I have just opened my practice in naturopathic medicine this January. I have worked so hard to learn how to become a doctor over the last 9 years. I feel like I have worked SO hard that I have lost a lot of my clarity and direction for getting into this profession in the first place. I am in a lovely clinic with lovely people so I feel good about where I am ready to launch. However I know that it can be very very hard to gain momentum in practice and the financial burden of student debt is impressive.
I want to be a doctor. And I don’t want to sell medicine to my patients. I’m not a sales person. But I do want my potential patients to see the value in investing into their health in a progressive way that doesn’t rely on convention. I have been taking advantage of the marketing for hippies blog for several months and feel like this is a great fit for me to attract the people that I want to work with.
What else? I love knitting, running, hiking and dogs. I can’t wait to feel financially secure so I can adopt a dog that will be my bud.

Fawna  Bews
In the present moment I have two work roles.  I am Co-Director of Stampede Ranch for Kids, which is a residential home for some of Alberta’s most disadvantaged youth.  We have 14 boys aged 10-16 who live and go to school on site for the time that they need it.  My role here is multifaceted.
From home I also do individual sessions, group activities and workshops that focus on hearing your Wise Inner Voice and applying it to make your life richer and more alive.  This work, when at it’s best, is about listening.  My training in physic (BScPT) , Craniosacral, Reiki, reflexology, angel therapy, ho-oponopono, counselling (MACounseling) and coaching all come in and as I try to maintain a clear channel and  allow whatever naturally occurs to happen.
I spent 2012 in Cancer treatment and am in the process of writing a book about this experience.  All of these things seems to be blending into a dance of life that also includes a quest for capital T Truth and last but not least my husband and three children (15, 14 and 6).

Jeff Gillies
My wife Juli and I, along with our 4 kids, are building Rancho Relaxo: A Permaculture Demonstration Farm near Rocky Mountain House, AB.  We are aiming towards growing all of our own food and producing all of our own energy on 5 acres, and then setting up to teach others how to do it.  On the side, we help others start out gardening with raised beds, amazing soil, and installed all while they are at work!  Once our demonstration site is finished, we will have a team of contractors assembled and basic designs for all the components of the project.  This will allow us to build you a permaculture farm to your specs, and once you go through a training course, you’ll be ready to walk into your own working farm and start living the dream.  I can’t wait to see “Permaculture Farm Package” and “Add to Cart” in the same screen.

Jenn Silver
My name is Jennifer Silver. I am 23 years old. I currently own and operate a new business called Wild & Raw with my business partner (Ashley Erick, also signed up for the course) . We are a small juice, smoothie and superfood bar located inside of a yoga studio in Calgary. I have an educational background in photojournalism as well as fine arts and design. Business is a new field for me, and am always looking for creative ways to expand my knowledge and skills.
Jennifer Godsman
My name is Jennifer Godsman and I am a massage therapist. After working downtown and going to night school to further my “cubical career” for many years, I decided that once I graduated my program, I would begin taking courses that were actually interesting to me! I started with an introductory to massage course, never really intending to practice massage. By the time I finished the massage program, I was acutely aware of how unfulfilling my cubical role had become and I started to look at other options. I began offering mobile massage in the workplace and slowly visiting clients in their homes. I love the interaction with my clients, I love helping people feel good, I love waking up to go to work each and everyday.

Juli Gillies
We’re tired of this world so we’re building a new one.  See you there.  Bring beer.
Laurie Edge-Hughes
Laurie Edge-Hughes, BScPT, MAnimSt(Animal Physiotherapy), CAFCI, CCRT, is a Canadian trained physiotherapist.  She obtained her BScPT from the University of Alberta in 1993 and has since focused her post graduate training on orthopedics, osteopathy, acupuncture and animal physiotherapy.  Laurie has the honor of having taught the first canine physiotherapy/physical therapy courses in Canada (1999), the USA (1999) and Australia (2001).  She has held executive positions on the Animal Rehabilitation Division (ARD) of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association for over 15 years.  She continues to teach canine rehabilitation courses for the ARD, and instructed with the Canine Rehabilitation Institute in the USA for 10-years before moving on to a new independent educational endeavour.  Laurie has been a clinical tutor for the Masters of Animal Studies (Animal Physiotherapy) program at the University of Queensland, Australia, a guest lecturer at the Royal Veterinary College in England, and Luleå University of Technology, in Sweden. Laurie has written several articles for various canine magazines, animal rehabilitation publications and veterinary publications, has contributed chapters on canine physiotherapy for relevant books, and lectures extensively on canine physiotherapy and rehabilitation nationally and internationally.  She had a goal of teaching on every continent!  Her primary teaching platform is currently Four Leg Rehab Inc – the world’s only online canine rehab continuing educational resource (  Laurie co-owns and practices out of the Canine Fitness Centre Ltd in Calgary, Alberta, Canada ( and can be reached at  When not entrenched in work, she enjoys spending family time with her very patient husband, two boys and three dogs.

Matt Catley
I have been involved with creating a gifting business out of my home called Eden’s Cove for the past year and a half. It has evolved into a community home and healing sanctuary that offers various healing practices and hosts pot lucks, meetings, and community events. This has been in partnership with the Evolver Calgary group I helped to start two and a half years ago which aims to network groups working for positive change in the world and to discuss topics often ignored by mainstream society.
In the ‘real’ world, I finished my business degree at the University of Calgary last spring.
Mike Dorion
Mike Dorion has been involved in the Permaculture Community in Calgary for the last couple years taking his PDC and several other courses.  Mike is also one of the executive members for the Calgary Permaculture Guild.  Last year he decided to take a part of his hobby/passions and make a business out of it.  So he launched a company called Living Soil Solutions mid summer of 2012 working with some of the local SPIN farmers in Calgary.  With a decent first season under his belt and wanting to take it that much further, Mike needed to reach his market more successfully with a game plan this year and that is where Marketing for Hippies comes in.
Nicole Roberts
Upon completion of her BSc undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences at the University of Guelph, Nicole returned home to Calgary with a plan to take 2 years off before attending one of Canada’s accredited Naturopathic Colleges.  Nicole has dreamed of becoming a naturopath ever since she first became a patient of one 7 years ago and she is thrilled to be working at Gaia Health Care, a local Calgary naturopathic clinic managed by Dr. Marnie Wachtler, as an office assistant where she enjoys learning even more about naturopathy and business management from Gaia’s three naturopathic doctors.  She is looking forward to taking on more of a role in marketing in an effort to promote the field of natural medicine and naturopathy in city centers, one day aspiring to own her own practice.
Outside of naturopathy, Nicole’s interests lie in sports nutrition, coaching ringette and eco-friendly living.  In her free time, she loves to visit the Calgary Farmer’s Market or catch a live music show in downtown.
Nicole is very excited to be back in the beautiful city of Calgary, working in her field of interest and encourages anyone looking for more information about naturopathic medicine, to come in, call in or email the clinic with questions.  She promises you will be met with a cheery smile and a genuine interest in helping you on your journey towards health and happiness!

Nina Adrianna
Nina has worked with the BC Government as a Collaboration and Change Manager, and has done consulting work with the UN, the Canadian International Development Agency, and Up Marketing Solutions. She manages an online learning site for nurses,, and is researching intentional communities. Nina has an M.A. from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, and a B.A. from the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs, both in Ottawa, Canada.
Her role at Prairie Pulp and Paper Inc. is to increase awareness of the tree-free paper vision, and to help create the tree-free paper paradigm.
She finds time to run, dance & meditate–even if it’s running to catch up with Jeff’s endless energy (Jeff is spearheading the tree-free paper vision in North America), dancing in her hotel room, or meditating on the plane.

Stella George
I’m a life skills coach who specialises in transformations and project management work.

Vivian Luoma
I acquired a Masters Degree in Environmental Design/Industrial Design (focusing on Product Design using “green practices”) and completed the Heritage Resource Management Program at the University of Calgary.  I also completed the Motivation and Productivity/Organizational Behaviour Program with Athabasca University in Calgary,; and Mixed Media at the Alberta College of Art and Design.  The driving force behind all of this is based on my passions for abstract art for one, and secondly, for organizing physical spaces to optimize systems (or wanting to help people by providing  a solution to maximize the experience of something that someone uses everyday).  It sounds crazy – one is completely right brain based activity, and the other is completely left brain based activity.  But I need both!!!  When not immersed in either or…….I’m studying and delving into spiritual  and energy based modalities.  Most of the time people can find me outside on the bicycle, walking, meditating by the river or drawing/reading/writing, and working at the Bragg Creek Transfer Site.

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