Business Model Webinar

The Structural Secrets To A Simple, Sustainable, Satisfying, and Safe Business That Works

Monday, July 3, 2023

12pm-2:00pm Pacific

COST: $25 USD (Replay will be sent to those who can’t make it)


The third semester of the Marketing for Hippies membership is kicking off on this July with a three-month focus on “Business Model.”

In the lead up to this, we are running a 90-minute webinar to give you a sense of the content we’ll be covering (and some ideas you can use right away whether you join us or not).

Business Model is the structure of your business. It’s the architecture. It’s how money enters into your business and lingers a while. 

Business Model includes your free stuff, your cheap stuff, the mid-priced and the high priced.

A provocative and important thought: Your profitability has very little to do with marketing. It has everything to do with business model.

Let’s say you sell cans of soup.

They cost you 50 cents to make but you sell them for 45 cents.

You see the problem.

You don’t have a marketing problem.

You have a business model problem.

Your business model must meet four central criteria: It must be simplesatisfying, and sustainable for you, and safe for them (the potential client).

This Webinar Might Be A Perfect Fit For You IF:

  • You’re curious about what Business Models are and how to use them in your business. You are clear yours is not working as well as it could be for you.

  • You are building a business not engaging in a hobby. You plan to be doing the work you’re doing for at least another decade and you want to make it something you’re proud of.
  • People know about you and what you offer but they aren’t buying.
  • You have a lot of people showing up but you’re still not profitable.
  • You are burning out doing what you love (oh no!) and realize that you can’t keep it going the way it is.
  • Your business is starting to feel way too complicated and overwhelming.

This Webinar Might NOT Be A Good Fit For You If:

  • You don’t have a business yet.
  • Your primary concern right now is getting cashflow quickly.

In This 90-Minute Webinar, You Will:

  • Review the four S’ of Business Model (Simple, Safe, Sustainable & Satisfying).
  • Learn about the importance of Maintenance Checklists & Program/Product Checklists and the difference between them.
  • Get a “behind-the-scenes” look at my business model.
  • Review the sales funnel from the Marketing for Hippies perspective.
  • Learn where to start in your deliberations around business model

"Tad is to Marketing what Steve Jobs was to Apple."

“My first impression of Tad was “What a clean cut savvy Canadian!”  When I finally checked his stuff out, I was beyond impressed.  It made me relax and be ‘me’ around marketing.  His guidance for me is: relax, be authentic and trust.  

There’s so much that I’ve applied from him, I would not know how to start.  Other than that I have a very different vision of marketing these days.  It’s transparent, authentic and feels true and real.  Tad is to Marketing what Steve Jobs was to Apple!  We all need Tad in our pockets!”

Phil Cartwright,

"Tad’s work has supported my business through every phase."

“I had heard of Tad from the Orphan Wisdom School, so I knew his work would be grounded, heart centered and able to hold the wonder, joy and pain all at the same time. 

When I started figuring out what kind of business to build and how to build it, I knew his work in marketing would be able to support and sustain me.  That said, I was nervous to invest in myself that much without first knowing what I was doing, who it was for and precisely how I was going to do this entrepreneur thing at all. I realized it’s a chicken and the egg problem, as so much of business is…and I needed to invest and learn in order to move forward.  

First, I bought the Niching Spiral Program and went through it almost three times in total! It was extremely valuable and helpful. But also, I found it necessary to move forward and actually sell an offer to the people I want to help, so that I can get even more clear on my marketing and niching!  

The biggest message that I share with my clients often is that it doesn’t matter what I call myself.  It matters what problem I can help them with and my ability to articulate that. Tad’s work has supported my business through every phase.  It feels like I have real, actionable tools from a heart-centered and authentic frame to utilize in my biz. ”

Emily Otto,

"Your guidance is clear, tangible and actionable, right this moment."

“Thank you Tad for a practical, interactive, engaging 90 minute session. I walked away with some real value and can see all you shared being an integrated part of everything I do moving forward, not just the immediate short term. Your guidance is clear, tangible and actionable, right this moment. Great value, absolutely worth the time and investment.” 

Shaun Mavronicolas

"Tad is very sophisticated in his understanding of people and their proces."

“This was such a great teleseminar! Tad is very sophisticated in his understanding of people and their process (this matters to me as I am a psychologist!). He has a bias toward action and encouraged/insisted that we use our time on the call to move forward. So very necessary and helpful.” 

Nancy Jonker

"I feel much more excited about marketing now than I have done in the past."

“By the time I dove into Tad’s offerings, I had heard good things about him from a number of people I respect. I guess I saw his offering as ethical and practical and these things appealed to me. When I first bought in, I had already spent money with another provider and this had helped me to get to a certain point. I knew I needed to go further, so I started to dip my toes in the waters of Tad’s offering.  

I really loved the general ‘vibe’ of what Tad was offering via MfH; I took the message that I didn’t have to sell anything–especially not to someone who didn’t really want that thing–to be successful. This was about finding the sweet spot where I am making it easy for people to find me who really want what I have to offer. This really appeals to me.  I feel much more excited about marketing now than I have done in the past, because I know it’s about finding the ‘win, win’ and this really appeals to me. 

The main thing I would say about other businesses is that I’ve been targeted, many times, by the kind of ‘win, lose’ sales approach that prioritises the gain of the seller over any real benefit to me as a potential buyer – dresses it up, disguises it, and still has no care for the value to me of an offering. I’m so over buying via that kind of approach.”

Dorothy Nesbit,

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