how do YOU use blogging and social media to create the Know, Like and Trust Factor?

Today I’m being interviewed by my colleague Bill Baren about how I use social media and blogging to build the Know, Like and Trust Factor in my business.

And it had me wondering – what do YOU do?

  1. What kinds of things do you post in your blog or on facebook?
  2. Have you come up with any super cool strategies that have worked to help you grow your business?
  3. What things have you posted that have had the biggest response?

Leave any brilliant ideas below and let’s see what we can all learn from each other.

I promise to compile all of these ideas and put them together in a blog soon. Just check back or subscribe to my blog on the top right of this page and you’ll see it soon.


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  • Bill Baren

    I’ve got the first comment.

  • Bill Baren

    Seth Godin Blog

  • Anonymous

    Nice work Bill!

  • Anonymous

    Great blog and he does a great job at crystalizing great information in short, easy to read pieces.

  • Jenn

    So many I am unable to pick one

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jenn, what are some of the ones you like?

  • Jay Christensen

    TTad, I made it onto your blog! Thank you for the introduction. Best, Dr. Jay

  • Anonymous

    Hi Jay! Welcome! Have you got a favourite blog?

  • Rebecca

    The Art of Non-Conformity – creating a life of total freedom!! This blog makes you feel ok about not following the rules :)

  • Laurie

    As a coach myself with a strong interest in personal and professional development, a couple of blogs I like are: Danielle LaPorte’s blog White Hot Truth and Tara Sophia Mohr’s Wise Living Blog.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rebecca – is this the one?×5/

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Laurie
    White Hot Truth –
    Wise Living Blog –

  • Jeannette

    My favourite blog too!

  • Wendy

    I love the idea of building community vs. doing business the old way. It’s a paradigm shift that is being sparked by the isolation of technology – and the financial collapse – so people want to reconnect, and with the people they enjoy being around.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely! Technology is really allowing us to reach out and participate communities without being restricted by physical distance.

  • Anonymous

    Why do you think blogging is important? Share your thoughts.

  • What is your strategy for blogging? (frequency, length of posts, focus (marketing or education), etc.)

  • Anonymous

    Great questions! Tad will get to then over the course of the call.

  • Just watched a marketing video series about ‘becoming the trusted authority’. One of the first critical things to do, the guru declared, was to become absolutely clear about who I really am ans what motivates me. It just occurred to me that really thinking about what my favorite blog is is actually one good way of gaining insight into who that is.

    That said: I don’t really have any favorite blogs! I need to go on a quest for some. Tad your blog is one of the ones I’m familiar with and quite impressed with the value I get from the content.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a great start to look at what you enjoy. Do you have a link to the video you watched to share?

  • Jay Christensen

    Tad, you mentioned about create context. What exactly did that mean? Can you give an example? Best, Dr. Jay

  • Jenn

    OH Jaime there are so many
    I refer a lot so it would need to be topic relevant to trigger

  • Jenn

    As Usually Great Content TAD!~

  • Anonymous

    I think what he means when he says create context, is asking questions like “is spiritual marketing bullshit?” – it creates a context for a conversation.

  • Tad just mentioned replying to blog comments. My concern here is time… this may not be an issue if there is not much feedback, but if a blog does get more engagement, can it really work optimally if you don’t have the time to fully engage with the audience’s comments?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Tiina, so having a good commenting system like Disqus (used here) allows you to “like” a comment – this lets you reply to a comment in a quick way that doesn’t necessarily require a long response. That said, you could do a general comment to multiple comments.

    As much as possible it is good to respond in some way to all your comments because it helps make people feel appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    How to get free (or cheap) pictures for your business blog (without breaking any laws) –

  • Anonymous

    Example of a subscribe page –

  • Wendy

    This was SO cool! Thanks for all the great info – I’m just starting out and this is invaluable to me.

  • Anonymous

    What are you going to blog about Wendy?

  • Anonymous

    okay, I think I’m getting this…apparently you have to login to post a comment here.My favourite blogs are Mark Silver’s, Tad Hargrave’s and Suzanne Falter-Barns. They all invite the reader to get to know them, and include practical content as well. As usual Tad, great info on your call…someday soon I’ll have the time to implement all your priceless info.

  • So, I’ve probably started off in the wrong way, but essentially have been posting my ‘blog’ as a page on FB… and now should be looking to convert that to a more proper, google-searchable, indexable, blah-blah (many improvements possible) official blog… what’s the best way to manage that conversion? Jaime/Tad, would love some help – and even on an official basis! :-)

  • CHRIS – great to hear from you – yes – contact Jaime – she’s the one to talk to – i’d drop her an email directly. she’d love to hear from you.

  • hey Tad. i’ve been enjoying your emails for a while and today was the first time i had to really engage it. i’m a bit of a Luddite and just getting on board with the benefits of blogging. as of a moment ago, you’re my first blog subscription.

    i learned a lot today about why i enjoy your emails, but more than that i really felt relief and validation by your approach. you shared a piece about marketing 2.0 and your approach of creating community first really sung to my heart. Both pointing out and living the idea of ‘Connection first’ helps me to through off the yoke of trying to be a good capitalist. Many times i’ve chanted in the streets “People before/not profit!” and for the first time i can see and more importantly TRUST that this can happen when we offer ourselves and our service to the benefit of others.

    so, thank you from the deepest parts of my much relieved heart.

  • Evan Carmichael Blog – Evan has helped over 14 million entrepreneurs and counting!

  • I make geeky sci-fi/fantasy based stained glass. I love joining a variety of fan forums and joining in geeky online conversations. It’s a great way to indulge my geeky side while interacting with the very same people who might be interesting in purchasing my work. It doesn’t even feel like marketing, but it is.

  • RENATE – I love that. What a text book perfect way of using social media and hubs. Yay for nerddom.

  • This is new territory and I am choosing to learn even though it has not been in my “comfort zone” but I am listening to your message on the KLT factor so I believe I am teachable!

  • I like Seth’s Godin blog.
    Makes me always think and take action in posting.
    REsult is more activity for me.

  • Diana

    Hi, I have used Blogspot

  • Hi Tad, nice to ‘meet’ you via Bill!

    1. I am a Wellness Coach and specialise in Raw Food Nutrition, so I post recipes and tips on detoxing, de-stressing, cravings etc

    2. Best strategies that work for me is sharing a personal story and photos, then say how that inspired a recipe or the tips. I get emails on a daily basis, saying “Your post about France reminded me about my visit there too, I’d love to come to your workshop and finally meet you in person” or “I felt like you were talking right to me when you listed those tips, can you tell me more about your coaching”

    3.Best response posts are always ones where I include a video or where I admit I am not perfect :)

    xTanya Alekseeva

  • I’m noticing that posting little and often gets peoples attention. I’m not at the stage where I’m ready to blog yet, so I share snippets and occasional articles on my FB page. I try to be as authentic and human as possible, because that’s what engages me in other peoples sharing.

  • Kick Ass Blog:
    Kendra actually collects Kick Ass case studies, and she’s inspired me to build a more meaningful life by enjoying my fear while taking action on my desires, and tracking my meaningful moments by downloading DayOne, a super fun & easy journaling app for my iphone. :)