Bill Hicks on Marketing

My brother – a stand up comedian who tours Canada – got me turned onto Bill Hicks – a comedian’s comedian who passed away too soon. But this scathing piece on why marketers are the devil is important. Marketing can be about communicating genuine value with clarity. It can also be about exploiting insecurities to ‘create’ needs that weren’t there and get people to buy things they don’t really need. A good reminder to us all.


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About Tad

  • I’ve never seen Bill before this small clip. I wouldn’t want to judge his comedic style from this small sampling. I also would hope that he isn’t (wasn’t) so cynical in his life. As for marketing and marketers, well they get used to taking it on the chin. It’s a tough trade.

  • hey bo, i think that bill hicks was actually an incredibly hopeful and inspired man. whose heart was broken by the ways we could fail ourselves as humanity – and who felt called to lift up our hypocrisies.

  • Tomar

    God, he’s brilliant!