Big Idea Number One to Figuring Out Your Niche

I’ll be sharing my four big thoughts around figuring our your niche in my blog. You can read them all (and more) on the page describing my six week Niching for Hippies program, but I thought I’d also share them piece by piece here.

Big Idea #1: Stop trying to figure our your niche.

Ironically, the most important secret here is to stop trying.

Most entrepreneurs put so much pressure on themselves to ‘figure out their niche.’ Part of the challenge here is that it’s always ‘niche’ (singluar) not ‘niches’ (plural). There’s a sense that you have to pick a single target market for your whole business. And that this decision is binding forever.

It’s like being asked to marry someone who, at best, you’ve known socially for years and, at worst, have never met.

That’s a stressful proposition. I’d actually be more concerned if you weren’t stressed about that kind of proposition.


Because it’s a crazy way to do things.

And yet, I’ve had so many clients go to workshops and be berated and exhorted to ‘pick their niche’. But consider going to a relationship workshop where you were told to, ‘pick your husband’. Holy shit. Pressure.

Or what if you went to a health workshop and they said, ‘pick the diet you’re going to eat for the rest of your life! Vegan? Raw vegan? Macrobiotic? Ayurvedic? Traditional? You must choose today!’ Gah! How could you know without some exploring?

One of my colleagues Bill Baren gives the very useful metaphor of ‘dating your niche’. Stop thinking about marriage if it’s stressing you out. You might just meet a niche and fall in love and get married in Vegas (let’s stay open to this!) but, in the meantime, let’s just be social and meet some interesting niches.

After all, isn’t it a truism that it’s only when you give up that you finally end up meeting someone?

Let’s first let go of any pressure to ever even figure out a niche at all.

You don’t need a niche. You’re not a bad person for not having one. It can take time. That’s okay.

Many businesses have made it without ever sitting down and formally thinking about their ‘niche’. Sometimes you just stumble upon one and only really see it in retrospect or when others point it out to you.


Doesn’t that feeling like less pressure already?



Want Help? If you’d like some more direct guidance and hand holding on figuring out your niche then go and check out my Niching for Hippies coaching program


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