Big Idea Number Three to Figuring Out Your Niche

In the fall of 2010, a year and a half before I created my Niching for Hippies course – I had a really big realization about niching. I wrote about it a bit in my post called Big Circle, Little Circles (which includes a seven minute video from me and a cool downloadable hand drawn PDF).

Below is an overview of the idea.

Big Idea #3: Pick your top three niches (and let them change).

All of this is fine, but you’ve still got to pick a niche for your niche project. Bah! You’re back where you were. Screwed.

Not so.

Here’s how we do it . . .

First of all, we get really clear about what I call the ‘big circle’ – the qualities and traits you most want in a client. You are already surprisingly clear about this (much more so than you think). As you get clear about the big picture of this, we go through a little process of helping you identify your top three niche ideas (isn’t three easier to hone down to than one?). And then we simply pick one of those to fiddle with.

You’ll be getting a lot of support on this.

You’ll be looking at your past clients and clients you’ve been drawn to work with. You’ll be led through helpful visualizations. You’ll get interviewed by a buddy on this.

These may change over time. That’s okay. Because each change will be a refinement for the better.


Want Help? If you’d like some more direct guidance and hand holding on figuring out your niche then go and check out my Niching for Hippies coaching program

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