Big Idea Number Four to Figuring Out Your Niche

Working on my Niching for Hippies course has been a lot of fun.

And a lot of work.

Because there’s a surprising amount to say about niching. It can be a complicated business. But, in another way, it’s often really simple.

Just look in the mirror.

At the end of the day, the niche that usually clicks with people the most and becomes the most fulfilling, sustainable and profitable is . . . people like you. You have been through a certain journey in your life and you are uniquely qualified to help others make that same journey. This was something I’d noticed over the years but then I met Jeffrey Van Dyk and Suzanne Falter-Barns who helped me see this even more clearly. I wrote about it a lot in my blog post on Wound as Niche.

Here are a few thoughts below to get you started . . .

Big Idea #4: Your niche is probably you.

But what’s to stop it from being a long and drawn out process of endless dating of potential niches? What if you want a short cut on this?

Here’s the short course – your niche is probably people just like you.

Here’s a thought to mull on: ‘you deepest wounds are likely the doorway into your truest niche’.

The things you’ve most struggled with your entire life are likely the brightest gifts you have to give the world.

Tiina Veer is a client of mine who is an amazing example of the power of proper niching in action. Instead of trying to make her yoga class appeal to everyone – she chose a very particular niche.

People who don’t look like Barbie Dolls. And she created ‘Yoga for Round Bodies’.

There are a whole community of people with round bodies who might feel intimidated to go to a typical yoga class. But, with Tiina, they find an incredibly safe and supportive space.

Lisa Mitchell saw how burdened therapists like her were with holding other people’s secrets. So she created an entirely anonymous online forum where therapists could share what they were experiencing and get anonymous support from other therapists around the world.

If you went through depression you might be the perfect person to help others through that.

I spent my early years in business learning a high pressure and manipulative approach to selling. Now I teach hippies how to market and sell in a way that applies no pressure. I’m the perfect person to do this. I went through it and got out.

The same is almost certainly true for you. And you’ll get some support in exploring the wound/niche connection for yourself.

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  • Love this convo Tad. The hardest thing i ever did was “accept” my niche. What you have said about your darkest unexpressed self work that needs to be done being your perfect niche is right on.

    Initially I wanted the glitzy glamorous niches that produced financial capital. TOTALLLLLLY fulfilling right? NAAAAAH.

    Did it help me make money? Sure. Is my life better off for having trod that path? Damn straight. but it wasn’t who I really was.

    That’s prob because I deep down KNEW what I needed to work on, AND more importantly my niche is my LIFESTYLE.

    Dawg, if it fits in my day to day of being a husband, father to three, organic farmer, and self reliant homesteader, then it maintains harmony and balance in my life.

    Its not glitzy or glamorous, Its not a particularly ‘Hot” niche, but it
    helps me do the inner work that is so vital to being happy and
    fulfilled and truly rich.

    It was hard to get there. Looking at aspects of myself that weren’t in accord with my integrity in a raw and honest way was difficult. And, i didn’t do it by going to seminars, or workshops, etc.

    I did it by being in relation with someone who is as committed to living in alignment with ones honor and integrity as i am.

    I did it by becoming a father.

    And, I did it by being honest with myself.

    Keep up the great work Tad.

  • deb4peace

    I just found you! I feel like I’m coming home. Great stuff. Thank you!!!!

  •  beautiful hawk!

  • welcome! so wonderful to have you here.