Big Circle, Little Circles



This is the toughest nut to crack.

It can feel a bit like this picture – “So. Many. Blueberries. Which do I pick?

If we think of just picking one – we feel this sense of, “Oh no! I’m missing out on all the others! I’m limiting myself.” but if we try to go after all of them at once – our mouth isn’t that big. And that feels overwhelming. “Where do I start?

Luckily, there’s another way forward.

There’s a lot to it but, over the past few months I’ve come up with a process and structure that seems to be helping a lot of people work through it all a bit more easily.

And I wanted to share it with you as my holiday gift. Just watch the seven minute or so video below (and there are funny jokes at the very end too!). It was made by my new pals from Ottawa at Bindu Productions. Check out their stuff – they can help you create a kick ass video like this – or also a super affordable and gorgeous website.

So . . . Big Circle, Little Circle.

Here are a bunch more examples as a scanned hand drawn image in this free PDF . . .


FREE & CHARMING PDF: Big & Little Circles


Two things I’d love to get from you:

1) Feedback: Does the make sense? I would love your feedback and questions here – this is a new thing I’m working out and I want to make sure it’s clear.

2) What are your circles? Leave them in the comment box below with your website. Who knows? You might just get a clients out of it …


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