best examples of niche businesses

So, I’ve just launched my Niching for Hippies program and I’d love your help with something.

What are the best examples you’ve ever come across of ‘niched businesses’. Businesses where you’re totally clear who the target market is and who have done well because of that clarity.

I think of Yoga for Round Bodies or The Therapy Vault or the How to Write a Lovable Homepage ebook as examples of clear chosen audiences.

I’ll be compiling these all for an epic blog post (which will only stay up for a month or so). Your business might be one of the ones featured.

Which ones can you think of? Leave them in the comments below . . .


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  • Nyk

    you can check mine and you can decide if it is a good example or not lol

  • Camarell

    I am a midwife and have a pretty easy, well defined niche market, however my problem is reaching them in the right time frame. 

  • Heya!  You asked for examples of a niche.  I help people dealing with autism understand how to optimize their positive results by creating the most supportive environments.  Those people include: parents & other family;  educators;  health & therapeutic practitioners;  and teens & adults in the autistic spectrum.  Best Wishes with this project!

  • Niche… I’m definitely in a niche market. I make custom armour and metal couture (such as armour-based ties).

  • I like your niche a lot, Nyk!
    I wondered whether you’ve noticed a connection where people with a lack of flexibility in neck and back often turn out to people with issues in the realms of offering and receiving empathy and support, specifically?  I mean: do you think those body parts are connected to those areas in life, and do you serve that niche at those 2 levels (and more)?

    About me at this moment: In the past, I have often worried that (one of) my niche(s) is people living on a tight budget… and that they won’t have the funds to pay me for 1 on 1 sessions, which are my favorite.

  • That’s such a cool market, Johanus!

    I think you’d like the owner of BladeGallery, also the owner of the Epicurean Edge.  He specializes in a particular (Japanese) style of blade smithing, and actually spends a lot of his time sharpening knives at higher rates than others can charge, due to his skill. For him, it’s ideal, because it’s like a meditation, and it keeps him in touch with all his favorite restaurants!

  • kbibby

    My niche is facilitating the knowledge that Your Body IS The Miracle.
    I do this through an approach to imbalances and loss of vitality by
    listening to the body’s stress responses, taking the information it
    provides, asking it what it needs to be at peace and delivering that
    “song” to the body.

    Over time (and that depends on a particular persons
    body), the body is learning a different tune, likes it and
    remembers it and IS the miracle it’s been looking for!