niche case study: Niche Your Business to Serve Your Perfect People, and Dig Deep to Get It Right

I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about niche marketing these days and how our ideal clients are often a lot like us. 

And then I had a chat with Nancy Juetten of (the radiant one pictured on the right) about niching and she shared an experience she had of her niche shifting from her early ideas of what she thought it was to a something that felt more authentic to her. I invited her to share her story as I thought you might resonate with it and find it encouraging.

Niche Your Business to Serve Your Perfect People, and Dig Deep to Get It Right

– By Nancy Juetten

Niching …. such a journey for all of us, no matter how far we’ve come or how far we still need to go.

My company debuted in February of 2001 as a publicity company in service to big companies.  As the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008, I evolved my offerings to be relevant to serve a much different target audience in a far more demanding marketplace.   I shifted my focus from serving big companies to making my impact with independent business professionals.   This started my somewhat long and winding road to reinvent my offerings to serve this niche and find a way to make it pay off, one and all.

In an interview I gave on June 27 with Emmy Award-Winning Writer/ Producer/ Performer Bill Stainton, we engaged in a real conversation about my journey to create a successful business.  I shared all kinds of “aha” and “duh” insights that really landed with listeners.    About 400 people tuned in, the perfect people applied to learn more about and enroll in my Get Known to Get Paid Private Mentoring Program  which was just created as of June 1 of this year.   If you or the people you serve would enjoy listening, here is access to the replay.  I promised NOT to make this a big sales pitch, and I kept true to my word.    

Audience members said things like, “When I heard you tell your story during that teleclass, I knew you were the expert I’ve been searching for.”  It was very validating on many levels … to show up as the best and most real Nancy and have it be more than enough to attract absolutely perfect clients to my care. 

Being crystal clear about the niche I serve – somewhat introverted entrepreneurs on missions for good who need to learn essential skills to be seen and heard (and compensated) — was a big insight that came to me after digging in deep to identify the people I love to serve the most and who absolutely need my expertise.  

I read a book just a few weeks ago – Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain.  This book served as a real game changer for me.  Cain writes that those of us with introverted sensibilities have a lot of value to offer.  We are creative, thoughtful, well prepared, and we think before we speak.  That is why the work we do can be of great quality and the impact we make so meaningful. 

I used to think that “spotlight seekers dissatisfied with their wattage and ready to take action to change that” were ideal clients to benefit from the visibility coaching, tools, and training I provide.  Then, when I thought about the last 50 clients I worked with, it occurred to me that my clients are spotlight seekers of a different color. There are  not “scream from the mountain top”  or “yell into the telephone” kind of people.   These are people who are messengers on a mission for the greater good — and the rewards and results that flow from their inspired service.  They are smart, practical resourceful, and committed to earning their success. 

And once they make the commitment to get help in areas that aren’t their favorite things, they take inspired action to earn the results they seek and of which their gifts are so worthy.

And you know what?  These people are pretty much a lot like me.

So this brings me to an important question.  What would happen in your business if you figured out with remarkable detail all the characteristics, struggles, and sensibilities of your ideal clients?   Are they like you in important ways?  And can you use that insight to be even more attractive as a potential solution provider? 

I love my clients, and I want you to feel the same way about yours.  That is why I invite you to dig deep to consider their characteristics, struggles, and sensibilities.   Upon reflection, you just might find “messaging gold” to drive your business forward in ways that give you reason to smile and your balance sheet cause for celebration.  That’s what has happened in my business, and it can happen for you, too.

Publicity Expert, Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! author, and engaging speaker Nancy Juetten leads the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series so service professionals, speakers, and authors can get ready, known, and paid.   She speaks to thousands of business owners through webinars, teleseminars, and media interviews each year.  Nancy’s publicity and storytelling expertise is showcased on prestigious media outlets including NPR, Success magazine, Fox Business, Marketing Sherpa, RainToday, and the American City Business Journals, among others. To learn more and access a recorded webinar with tips to guide you to broadcast your brilliance and monetize your expertise, visit today.



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