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thoughts on approaching a hub

Today I had a fun chat on googlechat with my pal Jaime Almond about how one goes about approaching a hub. And I thought I’d share it with you here.

Jaime: I totally want to see you do a Become a Super Hub workshop
have it be really hands on
that would be so much fun

me: i’m thinking of organizing a hubs gathering in Ontario in the fall (maybe the spring?)

Jaime: ohhhh do a workshop first

me: but like a gathering for people like you, me, alex, rhonda etc
a 2-3 day retreat to get to know each other better and learn from each other

Jaime: that would be AWESOME

me: but yeah. i totally want to do a workshop like that.
i was super bummed i really missed out on covering the hubs stuff at my last RBI. grrrr.

Jaime: you know what would be a cool article
all the different ways to approach a hub and build a relationship

me: oooh. nice
let’s brainstorm now
1) comment on their blog
2) send them an appreciative email

Jaime: Twitter

me: 3) offer to take them out for lunch

Jaime: Offer to do something to help them out
so I heard a great one yesterday
so a blogger website did regular webinars.. a long time participant approached them and offered to make an add on product for what they were already doing – cliff notes and mindmaps for every webinar
they created it into a membership site
and made it an upsell

me: i love it. invite people to their events – become their unhired promoter

Jaime: connect them with good people and opportunities.. for example when I was interviewed by The Globe and Mail, I put them in touch with a local hub so she was featured too
You could also send them things that might be interesting or helpful..
someone emailed me yesterday to let me know of a spelling mistake on my site.. her intention was to be helpful, not to correct me

me: nice.

Jaime: for me it’s about helping them get what where they want

me: i think there’s also a subtle wrinkle here of not being a suck up. not coming to them from a needy place

Jaime: right

me: if someone comes to me from a solid place of self respect but also appreciation then i’m open to them
but if they’re pedestalizing me that feels really uncomfortable.

Jaime: you have to be thinking about planting seeds of a relationship instead of getting something

me: totally.
i just spoke with someone the other day about the whole idea of ‘being of service’
and how that can feel gross
that ‘serving people’ can be a subtle way of ‘trying to get something’

Jaime: yeah.. you can feel the intention

me: and that can be trying to get ‘influence’ or ‘approval’
‘money’ or ‘status’. so many things

Jaime: yeah status is a big one when people don’t understand what it really means
that your status raises with people when you make them feel good about themselves.. when you want something they go into defensive fight or flight
me: so i think there’s something about not overdoing it. staying in integrity. like years ago there was a potential funder i was trying to woo – and so i spent a lot of time just helping him with things and getting to know his mom etc. and then he totally sniffed out my intention of getting his money and he totally vanished

Jaime: right.. it happens with guys with relationships all the time.. the second they smell commitment… 🙂
it’s the same thing thing though.. pushing an agenda at the inappropriate time can kill any type of relationship.
so maybe there are roads to accessing a hub
1. become friends.. no agenda at all, but later it could come up.
2. be a connector for them – help them, send them opportunties and introductions etc.. become their peer.
3. Business partners.. out right proposition them about business, but do it with integrity so it’s Win/Win and they don’t feel like their was any alterior motive

me: totally.
can i post this convo on my blog?

Jaime: of course

me: woot!
i have to run but talk soon 🙂

Jaime: send it when you post it
I’ll share it


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