analysis of a very fine ad

So, a lot of people write ads that get them no response. Which is a drag.

Here’s one that I really like (and can promise it’s getting a good response). It’s for a workshop my colleague Callan Rush is running.

It was featured in the Body, Soul & Spirit magazine recently. It’s an holistic health magazine.

Here’s what works about it:

1) A solid and clear headline: “Fill Your Workshops . . . with EASE!” Just reading that headline, I know who it’s for, the problem it solves and the result it offers. In five words! Amazing.

2) The sub headline: “Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Workshop Leaders Make that Keep Their Event Rooms Empty!” Bam. This speaks to the very real experience many workshop leaders have and has me wondering, ‘what are these three mistakes?’

3) Benefits: She keeps it simple by articulating the most important things I’ll be getting form the workshop.

4) Clear times and dates (you’d be shocked how often this is NOT clear).

5) She tells me what to do. “Call Sue”. And she gives me a reason to call, “It’s free when you pre-register”. And I’d rather not pay $15 at the door.

6) This is most important: this ad is in a magazine read by many people who lead workshops! She’s put the ad in the right kind of place. This simple notion is so often overlooked.


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