newsletter case study video: Kim Tanasichuk

A colleague of mine Kim Tanasichuk just put out a little newsletter that I thought was really great. You can watch it here or below.

Newsletters are tricky. Everyone’s doing them. Everyone wants you on their email list. How often to send them out? What kind of content to put in them? Should I put this in my blog or in my newsletter. Not easy stuff. And it’s not like every community of people even want the same things from a newsletter. Not everyone responds the same way.

But if you’re coming from a place of genuinely wanting to add value and having your newsletter be helpful (vs. just a chance to sell and promote your stuff) that’s great.

So, the question becomes: what would your people find really, really helpful?

What I most love about Kim’s newsletter here is how it’s clearly all about being of service to her clients. It’s so generous. It gives them five wonderful resources to check out.

But, ironically, by being so generous and thoughtful – it positions us as a hub. Kim becomes positioned not only as a web designer – but a source of solutions for local, conscious entrepreneurs.

I hope you enjoy the little screen capture video I made below.


[vsw id=”q-x8hSGtYwE” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]


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