alex baisley and the two barbers

Last weekend, I was in Canmore at the launch event for the Evolutionary Business Council and, in the last half hour, my friend Alex Baisley was asked to share a few words with the whole group about building a ‘lifestyle business’.

At the end of his sharing, he got a huge standing ovation from people and was swamped by the participants (many of whom were, themselves, high level authors, speakers and consultants).

There are so many workshops telling you to ‘do what you love’. But, in my experience, that can be a major mistake.


Because there’s something that matters every bit as much as what we do – and that’s ‘how’ we do it – our lifestyle.

Alex Baisley makes this clear with his story The Two Barbers.

(I took this on my iphone so the sound isn’t great and it’s a bit shaky – but i think the story is worth it).

[vsw id=”EuJa0M4TGuY” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

If you like what you hear – go and check out his website:


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