alex baisley and the two barbers

Last weekend, I was in Canmore at the launch event for the Evolutionary Business Council and, in the last half hour, my friend Alex Baisley was asked to share a few words with the whole group about building a ‘lifestyle business’.

At the end of his sharing, he got a huge standing ovation from people and was swamped by the participants (many of whom were, themselves, high level authors, speakers and consultants).

There are so many workshops telling you to ‘do what you love’. But, in my experience, that can be a major mistake.


Because there’s something that matters every bit as much as what we do – and that’s ‘how’ we do it – our lifestyle.

Alex Baisley makes this clear with his story The Two Barbers.

(I took this on my iphone so the sound isn’t great and it’s a bit shaky – but i think the story is worth it).

If you like what you hear – go and check out his website:


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  • Thanks for sharing this video, Tad.

    I am inspired every time I get the chance to hear Alex. He has a true gift for presenting the profound in a humble pie way, so that the ideas sort of sneak up on you and you find yourself going…”OHHHH!!”

  • HEATHER – I totally agree! I’m so excited for this tour of his that he’s on. It’s going so well for him.

  • Jamey Coughlin

    Nice editing job Tad. You gave me a taste and I wanted more. Frantically looking for part 2. (: A number of really great lessons in that story. thanks for sharing.

  • JAMEY – Alex is so brilliant. Check out his site. Some free things and it’s all just genius stuff.

  • Dear me. That Alex guy is smart, but honestly it’s more his inexplicable handsomeness that really stands out to me…. ….


    inside voice.


  • Jamey Coughlin

    I will definitely check out his site and catch him if he comes out this way.

  • This was a TOTAL highlight!!

    Amazing talk Alex. So glad we FINALLY met :)

    Thanks for inviting him Tad, and also for capturing this moment with a blog post and video recording.


  • KYLE – Such a good moment. And he got 33 people in Kelowna to his workshop. I hope tomorrow in Calgary is just packed for him.

  • What an absolute privilege it was to share time with Alex on the way up to Canmore. He is a humble sage. This presentation that he did at the Evolutionary Business Council was a highlight for me… and his subtle way of teaching has penetrated me because I find myself asking questions of what I really want in terms of experiences and lifestyle. In less than 10 minutes he gave gifts that will last a lifetime.

  • FARHANA – Totally. That story is so simple and so strong. That story totally helped me ‘get’ the importance of the lifestyle piece.

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  • I just watched this video again… I soooo love listening to Alex :)

    And Alex – I agree with your inside voice ;)

    I think the thing I love most about you is your super sweet mix of humility and confidence. You are as Farhana said a wise Sage :)

    xo Colette

  • Love it! That is fantastic that you got this story on film Tad. Every time I hear it it sinks in a little more about how important it is to find my barber #2 life.

  • Alex, love the comment…you are right the suave guy who spoke with confidence was utterly awesome :)

  • Andy Benjamin

    Thanks for introducing us to Alex, Tad. I only met him for the weekend, but I feel close and inspired by him. Seeing this video again makes me realize how important Alex’s message is for the world!


  • Totally. This story is so rich with details. I love it too.

  • Laureen Card

    YAAASSS! I have never heard of Alex before but this really resonates with me. Maybe it’s because I’m a Maritimer too :) But seriously, this speaks to something I’ve been feeling into lately. I will check out his website. Thank you for the introduction, Tad. How can I find out more about the Evolutionary Business Council too?

  • Teresa de Grosbois

    Hi Laureen – Tad flagged me to your comment. Yes I LOVE Alex’s work. :-) If you’d like to find out more about EBC feel free to reach out to me on

  • Hiya Laureen. Maritimers unite ;) !!