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A Spa for Mothers with Small Children

I just heard about a spa in Toronto called Sunny Mummy at my “Marketing 101 for Green and Local Businesses” in Toronto last night.

It’s a spa. But with a twist.

Take a look at the room pictured on the right. It’s not a room you’d associate with a spa.

But most spa’s don’t cater to mom’s with young children.

And Sunny Mummy does – for mom’s – with childcare built into the costs.

This is the brilliance of well thought out niche marketing in action. As you can imagine – they’re getting a lot of word of mouth marketing from this. Why? Because they’re created something remarkable.

There are lots of spas. And most of them are for women. But Sunny Mummy decided to niche even deeper. Not just women, but mom’s. Some might look at that as a risk, “We’ll lose clients.” Other people, see it as a huge opportunity to attract clients.

By niching more tightly – you actually get an incredible freedom and creativity. I see it again and again.

Imagine the loyalty this place gets from their clients.

Check out this video:

[vsw id=”zDWgkR_L-Oc” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

And here are some words from their website . . .

Nilla Petta, Owner

I have been in the spa industry for 15 years.  I did not start in the spa world it was a business degree I achieved first.  After backpacking through Europe for months my plan changed and my intuition guided me elsewhere to the world of healing.

I went back to school for esthetics, massage and holistic treatments.  I managed a wellness centre for two years where I worked with great healers and learned a lot about healing modalities and business.  I decided I needed more education and worked for Aveda and Civello.  I learned so much about customer care, Aveda products, services, and how to run a spa.  I also worked in film.  I am well rounded and have had a lot of experience working in both the business and services.

I have always wanted to open up a business however the timing or ideas were never right.  When I was pregnant I was guided, I know now, by my beautiful daughter and the idea of a mommy and baby spa was born.  After I had her and went on maternity leave I was compelled to open this business.   There was nothing like a mommy and baby and it serviced the needs of mom with babies in the city. I researched for a few years and at the right time found the right partner Tara, that helped to make this dream come to fruition.

Sunny Mummy is named after my daughter, her name is Soleil. As I know “it takes a village to raise a child it also takes a village” to be successful and I am so grateful for my parents with there love and support I was able to make my dream come to fruition.  It is my intention to make Sunny Mummy an oasis where woman can feel comfortable, safe and at peace.  I look forward to meeting all of you and I know we will all help each other on this journey through life.

And a bit about their services.

Child Care

On site childcare is available and is included in the cost of all services. Please mention your need for supervised childcare when booking your service.

Children are always welcome to play in the children’s room, unsupervised while mom is shopping.

NEW! Drop Off Childcare Service

Sunny Mummy is happy to announce our new childcare drop off service. We now provide on site drop off childcare for a maximum of 2hrs for $15/hr.

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