a few niching realizations

Had the best call last week in my Niching for Hippies program.
A few realizations: 

  • the qualities you most want your clients to have are the qualities you need to be bringing to the table yourself
  • the qualities you most want your clients to have are your responsibility: how can you make it easier and safer for those to show up when they work with you? Can you create programs to help them develop those qualities? Can you partner with someone whose passion it is to help people develop those qualities?
  • the qualities we love the most in our very favourite clients are often the qualities we are already bringing to the table and that our ideal clients love in us

About Tad

  • Holy guacamole is this a fantastic reminder! Four simple statements with a HUGE amount of depth. I’m saving this out so I can do a little free-writing around each of your realizations . . . because I want to better understand what qualities I need to bring to the table and what qualities I am already bringing to the table. And I so resonate with the idea of creating a safe space so my clients can bring those qualities to the table.