80 Minute Video Interview with George Kao – The Seven Steps to True Livelihood

george kaoOn August 6th, I hosted a video interview with my dear colleague George Kao.

George is consistently one of the innovative colleagues I’ve ever met.

He’s launching a new initiative in the personal growth & business space using a co-op business model which is really inspiring for me and we had a conversation about the seven steps he takes people through to identify their true livelihood – a business or career that feels good to them, uses their gifts and sustains them.

You can check out his initiative here: http://www.truelivelihoodcommunity.com/join.html and watch the eighty minute video interview below. 


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  • Jeff Brown

    George, I am impressed and inspired by how much insight that you have into this process. Thanks for inviting him as a guest speaker, Tad!

  • right? so clear!

  • Jackie McMillan

    This is brilliant, and I am so hopeful that George’s co-op flies! What a heartening, helpful interview this was, Tad!