7x Mighty Networks Business Models & Community Strategies (with Bradley Morris & Tad Hargrave)

Mighty Network is currently building me a membership site MarketingForHippies.com.

I’ve written about 16 eBooks, have created a few online courses, I run quarterly live programs, workshops & monthly Q & A webinars for my audience…

On top of that, I have over 600 articles on my blog and over 500 videos my YouTube channel…

With COVID-19 happening, my entire plan for 2020 shifted. For the last couple years, Bradley of Majik Media has been nudging Tad to build a Mighty Network membership because he thought it would be the perfect fit for my tight-knit community, as well as to have all of my amazing offerings in one place.

With the extra time and space, I finally agreed to do it.

Because we’ve been deep down the Mighty Networks rabbit hole together, I thought it would be helpful for my (and Bradley’s) audience to get together and talk the different business model possibilities within Mighty Networks, as well as a bunch of other questions I had about building and growing a Mighty Network community or membership.

In this 60-minute session, we covered:

  • 7x different business & pricing model ideas (in a multitude of different niches)…. and how we’ve tried most of them.
  • How to license other teachers’ courses to increase the value you’re offering inside your membership, without doing the work.
  • Member engagement and growth strategies for designing and growing your community.
  • The number of hours it requires to foster your community.
  • Income possibilities if you do it right.
  • Why you should pre-sell your membership?
  • Why you don’t need a lot of members to create an amazing community, and even decent income running your Network.
  • and a whole lot more!

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