52 Week Curriculum

Give me one hour per week for one year and I’ll help you figure out how to get more clients in a way that feels good to everyone involved.

This 52 part curriculum will help you to learn the marketing secrets of North America’s most successful green, holistic, community-minded entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business and attract more of the clients you actually want (without ever sacrificing your integrity or spending a fortune).

I’ve got a new offering for you.
I call it The 52.
For the past fifteen years, I’ve run my daylong, Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop around Canada, the USA and Europe on a pay-what-you-can basis. I’ve been paid up to $300 for this day – completely voluntarily. And many have attended for as little as $5. 
I’d like to send you the full 2.5 hour footage (and 53 page transcript) of this workshop for free. The video is solid content and context detailing my core philosophy on how you can get more clients in a way that feels genuinely good to you and your ideal clients. It veers from the profound to the practical.
PLUS you’ll also get the full digital audio files in case you want to just listen to this workshop.
PLUS you’ll get the Marketing for Hippies 101 Workbook & Bonus Reading to help you dig deeper into the material. It’s 44 pages of bonus reading and exercises to more fully explore the content you’ll learn in the videos.
This is all my gift to you. There’s no catch.
But there’s more… When you sign up to get this you’ll also get something else that might even be more valuable. 
Over the coming year (plus a bit extra), you’re going to get one email from me every week.
Why would you want that?
Because, in those emails you’ll be getting over ADD # hours of content (much of which I’ve written and recorded since recording my daylong workshop) broken into manageable bite-sized chunks, focussing on one, specific issue per email. This additional content will help deepen and dimensionalize, contextualize and concretize what you learned in the initial video workshop. 
Again, this content will help you finally figure out marketing in a way that works and feels good for everyone involved.
Really. Well and truly. 

A bit about me… 
My name is Tad Hargrave. I’m the founder of www.MarketingForHippies.com.
Since 2001, I have traveled around working with conscious entrepreneurs just like you. Some successful, others struggling. I’ve gathered quite the assortment of stories of grand successes and (more interestingly) epic failures. I’ve learned a lot of strategies right from the horses’ mouths. 
This free, 52 part curriculum is my best distillation and collection of those practices and stories. 
Some of them are pretty funny.
Up until now, there were only three ways you could get access to this content:

  1. In my live Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop.
  2. Via an online, 30-day version of the same program (for which I charge $300). 
  3. Through the the video version of the workshop which I’ve sold for $80 for years (and which you’ll get immediately and for free the moment you sign up).

You’re going to get it all in a carefully curated and organized 52 part curriculum.
And you’re going to get it for free. 
You pay nothing. 
Why would I do this?

Five Good Reasons You Get All This For Free:
Reason #1: Earning Your Trust
There are so many marketing gurus. 
Why trust me? You shouldn’t. Trust should be earned. This curriculum is how I hope to earn it.
I trust you to discern if my approach is a fit for you or not.
Reason #2: To sell more online products. 
So, to be frank, it’s a selfish reason. I have other things to sell. Ten years ago, that wasn’t the case, but since then I’ve amassed a collection of eBooks and online programs and created ways people can get one-on-one coaching from me that I’m excited about. 
Here’s my selfish motive: I’m hoping that you will be so charmed and impressed with the content of this series that it will fill you with so many practical and profitable ideas, and make you so much money that you decide to delve deeper into my work by buying some of my eBooks, and/or by working with me personally. 
My hope is that you profit from me before you pay me anything. 
Also, offering such a generous helping of money-making content will keep people on my email list longer and help develop stronger relationships with them. For years, I’ve offered up my 195 page eBook The Way of the Radical Business as my way of saying “thank you” to folks who join my email list. I’m still proud of it. And it’s over a decade old now, and my thinking and teaching have progressed substantially since then. 
I think this weekly email curriculum guiding people step-by-lucrative-step towards an approach to marketing that is both strategic and satisfying will be a much better way of welcoming people in. 
Reason #3: I hope you’ll tell your friends. 
I’m hoping you’ll be so impressed by this email curriculum that you tell your friends about it and encourage them to join my email list and check out this curriculum for themselves. 
Reason #4: I want to be useful in this life.
On the altruistic side . . .  
I get remarkable feedback on this workshop. People often tell me it’s the best marketing workshop they’ve been to. They feel liberated, clarified and inspired to work on their marketing. 
But… my live workshops have a hard limit of time and place. In terms of time, they run from 10am to 6pm with a 90-minute lunch break. In terms of place, they happen where I am, which is usually western or central Canada. There’s so much I’d like to share that I can’t due to time constraints. There are so many folks I’d like to reach that aren’t geographically close to me.
But, now, I can share with you not only the full content of that live workshop, but, additionally, I can share everything I’ve spent years wishing I had time for. 
Plus, when I do this workshop live, participants don’t get the advantage of being able to pause, rewind, and watch it over again. With this email series, you will.
But . . . 
Reason #5: I don’t want to travel that much for work anymore. 
This is another selfish, personally practical reason: this email curriculum allows me to share this information more widely without having to leave my home. 


My Three Core Promises To You In The 52: 
Promise #1: The Format. Each week you will get an email in your inbox. Most of these emails will contain a core video excerpted from my daylong workshop (5-12 minutes long) as a reminder of what you saw and several supporting videos and blog posts that crystalize and cradle the content of that main video.
Promise #2: The Value. You’ll get more real-world, practical and profit-making content in this series than you do in many live workshops and online programs. They will not be a waste of your time.
Promise #3: The Focus. All of the content circles around the following three questions: Why does marketing feel so awful most of the time? Is it possible to make marketing feel good? How can marketing feel good and be effective at the same time? I have strong opinions on all of these matters. 
Here’s some fun, made-up-by-me-but-still-likely-accurate statistics for you:
90% of the entrepreneurs I know simply avoid doing any marketing because even the “thought” of it gives them the heebie jeebies.
Of the 10% who actually do something, 90% of them feel genuinely torn: they feel like they have to choose between doing a kind of marketing that is effective (but feels awful) or one that feels good (but doesn’t work). And so most of them go for a compromise they can live with in between those two examples. They push enough that people buy their wares or work, but they’re nice enough that no one thinks they’re a complete asshole.
Some rare few, by some strange set of happenstances, end up at my workshop. And you can usually divide them into one of two broad groups.
The first group (90% of them) has had little to no training in marketing. Sure, they went to school to be a life-coach, massage therapist, or crafter, etc., but, in all those years of learning, were they taught anything about marketing themselves and their work? 
Almost never.
The second group (10% of them) has it much worse: they spent years learning traditional, pushy, aggressive, and manipulative sales and marketing tactics (even if they weren’t labeled as “pushy” or “heart-centered” by the people teaching them). This kind of marketing feels “over-hyped” and triggers a “used car salesman” reaction.
The former client comes to my workshop to learn how to make marketing feel good. The latter comes to unlearn all of the things that (whether they know it or not) are making marketing feel bad
And almost all of them feel genuinely torn between doing a kind of marketing that works (but doesn’t feel good) or one that feels really good (but doesn’t work). 
I am suggesting that it doesn’t have to be a choice.
In fact, here’s a video about this:

Furthermore, I am suggesting that the best and most effective marketing there is feels really good to do and really good to receive.
To take it a step further: for marketing to be effective it must feel good. After all, if marketing feels bad, you will avoid doing it and others will avoid doing business with you.
Ah. Easy to say, but how does this actually work?
That’s what this entire 52 part curriculum is about: naming — very clearly — the exact reasons marketing feels so damned awful most of the time and naming equally clearly — how it can be made to not only feel good but to work really, really, really well.
My guess is that you want to market your products without compromising your principles. Further, you want to have your ideal client approaching you, instead of you having to chase them.
The goal of this course is that you not only get more clients and sell more of your product or service, but that you sleep better at night because of how you sold it. 
Most of my clients report feeling immediate and immense relief at the end of my day-long workshop.


WilCarlos_Testimonial“His material and approach has become ‘required reading’ for anyone that I work with.”

“Since meeting Tad 4 years ago his material and approach has become ‘required reading’ for anyone that I work with, especially in communications and marketing. If someone says ‘Oh I don’t like that’ then I know we aren’t a fit to work together! I train people to fundraise in a way that is fun, easy and works. Tad’s approach to marketing is so in line with what I do and the way I do it that I often find his words coming out of my mouth when asking for donations. And thats fine with me cause it works!”

— Wil Carlos, wilcarlostraining.com


The 52 Could Be a Fit for You If:

  • You’re willing to set aside one hour per week to go through the content you get in your inbox from me each week, and keep up with it so you don’t get overwhelmed
  • You’ve always wanted to come to one of my workshops but have never been able to.
  • Marketing feels gross, pushy, awkward and unnatural to you and you are curious about why that is.
  • You’re confused about marketing: Your current approach to marketing doesn’t seem to be effective . . . and you have no idea why.
  • You are a conscious entrepreneur (e.g. you are selling a natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free or otherwise healthy product; or you’re in the healing arts or are a holistic practitioner (perhaps you’re a therapist, massage therapist or body-worker, yoga instructor, herbalist, shamanic practitioner, life coach, Meditation Teacher, etc.); or maybe you’re a local business owner who just plain cares deeply about your community, nature, and social justice; maybe you run a yoga studio, an eco-friendly house cleaning company, an organic farm, a local theatre company, a fitness studio, a comfy, little locally owned bookstore, a groovy local restaurant, an eco-store, a pottery studio or a natural health food store, etc.);  or you might be running some sort of permaculture-based business.
  • You like the idea that marketing could actually feel good (even if you can’t imagine how). You’re drawn to the question: “How can I sell my products and services without selling my soul?”



“I couldn’t possibly put a value on this content. It’s priceless.”

“I believe we have a responsibility to let people know where there’s help and hope available for them. The passion, energy, integrity and humour in Marketing 101 reminds me that that is entirely possible. Tad, you’re a marvel and an inspiration. I couldn’t possibly put a value on this content. It’s priceless.”

— Lisa Barber, rootsandwings.biz


In The 52, you will:

  • learn 5 reasons why marketing matters in making the world a better place (so you don’t see marketing as just a selfish act).
  • get a lucid and simple answer to the question, “why does marketing feel bad? (so you can make sure your marketing never does).
  • learn about the dynamics of Posturing, Collapsing & Composure (which may help you see the exact dynamic that’s keeping you stuck — you may have never noticed this before).
  • hear about the concept of “polarizing” in marketing (and how being extremely real, honest and vulnerable can get you more of the kinds of clients you’re craving).
  • learn about the three kinds of prospectors. Every potential client you will ever meet fits into one of these three categories. Each of them requires an entirely different strategy. Learning this will let you know exactly what you need to do with each person you meet and avoid any manipulative tactics of any kind.
  • get to explore the three roles of marketing. Most people think that marketing has only one role: to get people to say “yes.” I disagree with this. Understanding these three roles is like hooking up a flawless diagnostic machine to all of your marketing that can pinpoint exactly where your issues are and what to do about them. It will also free you from the need to use any sort of approach to marketing that could feel even slightly bad to anyone (including you).
  • learn the three core elements of your marketing strategy. Whenever I look at any business it is always through the lense of these three pieces. When these three pieces are in place, you attract clients without a lot of extra fuss and good vibes for everyone. When these three pieces aren’t in place, everything is a struggle.
  • learn about the notion of establishing your container so that you can make sure your business is safe to approach (an unappreciated concept in the world of marketing) but is also sustainable for you.
  • learn about how to use the idea of paths to make it incredibly easy for your ideal clients to find you (so you can stop working so hard trying to find them).
  • finally understand why marketing has been so hard when you learn the three levels of marketing (and how so many of the marketing courses out there focus only on the first of the three levels).
  • get three simple strategies for identifying and connecting with your hubs (and learn why this is the most important thing that anyone could do to attract more of the quality of clients that you want).
  • learn the seven things your business can be known for (most entrepreneurs only ever focus on one of these seven). This is a conversation that digs deep into the notions of branding and identity.

And much, much more . . . (really . . . a lot more!).



“It is so enjoyable, the information ‘sticks’ more.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Marketing for Hippies video Set. Tad is honest, funny, transparent and real. This kind of delivery is refreshing to watch and because it is so enjoyable, the information ‘sticks’ more. I can recommend it to everyone looking to ethically boost the reach of their business.”

— Andrew Johnson, withandrewjohnson.com



How much does this all cost? 
Again — nothing. Zero dollars.
I hope you’ll check this weekly emailed marketing basics curriculum out and give me your feedback on how it goes.

p.s.  Small Disclaimer: We forgot to mic the audience in the workshop video. For the most part I restate what people have said or asked, but I miss it a few times. You’re not missing anything vital and it doesn’t happen much but I know this sort of thing can drive some people crazy. 🙂

p.p.s. A caveat: when you join this email series you’ll also be added to my general Marketing for Hippies email list* as well. I tend to send out a couple of emails per week that are more relevant to the particular times we’re in. So, this will mean three fairly content rich emails from me every week. For the time being, if your bandwidth is limited, I urge you to focus on the emails from this series which you’ll be able to identify by the prefix “52 Week” in the subject line. If you wish you can unfollow my General Email List at any point by going to the bottom of it and choosing “unfollow” — you’ll still receive this Marketing 101 series. But I encourage you to try the General List for a while, even if you keep it in the background, so that you get a sense of what else I have to offer, and you can benefit from the free content and links I regularly share. In these emails, you’ll be getting my most current thinking, the occasional 50% of discount code for my online products, notifications about my live workshops (maybe in your town) and my online programs where we can dive deeper into particular issues. Plus, some people say I’ve got one of the sweetest newsletters in town because of the additional memes, videos and good news stories I share. 

photo by Jason Guile in Victoria

photo by Kolby Peterson in Demmit, Alberta

photo taken in Edmonton, Alberta at my home

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