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Kaspa and Fiona of Write Our Way Home

A few weeks ago, the good folks at Writing Our Way Home sent me an email wondering if they could interview me about creativity.

Heavens. I don’t know how much I really have to say on this though it harkens a bit to a post I wrote a few days ago on finding your voice) – but I said, ‘yes!’ and answered their questions anyway.

The intro follows below . . .

Thanks Tad, it’s great to be speaking to someone whose work we feel a great sympathy for. It’s been fascinating for us to think and learn about ways of engaging with the world about Writing Our Way Home, without resorting to traditional marketing and turning them (and us) off… On to the questions:

What drives your creative work?

I like making things. I’m going to define creative work as ‘creating things’. Making something knew that wasn’t there before. In my case, that’s going to be workshops or ebooks and such. Soooo . . . I think laziness is a big part of it. Once I make a product I don’t need to keep repeating myself. I can just send them to a resource to check out, ‘go read this ebook.’ or ‘watch this video’. that feels really good.

also the process of making these things forces me to really learn it. to refine and articulate what I know in a way that other people will ‘get it’. that helps me whenever i’m working with a client or teaching someone.

What would you say to yourself if you could go back in time and meet yourself at the beginning of your creative career?


To read my answer (and answers to the rest of their provocative questions – CLICK HERE)

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