My 41st Birthday: Messages Welcome


Today is my 41st Birthday.

I’ve been doing this business for ten years solid (with five or so years of here and there before that).
It’s a strange endeavour to be involved in.
I travel around, teach workshops, lead online programs and do some occasional work with people one on one but I’m never sure what the impact of the work has been long term. What stuck? What seemed like a good idea to me but ended up not being? What brought in paying clients? What helped someone shift direction in a positive way?
The truth is it’s rare that I find out.
And so, on this first year into my fourth decade, I’m asking. If you’ve received some benefit from knowing of my work or engaging with it directly, would you leave some words telling me the story of it below? How did you hear about me? What was most useful? How did you apply it? What happened?
There are three ways you can share your experiences and testimonials (ranked in my order of preference):
  1. Write me a review at Coach EXP. There’s a video on the homepage that will lead you through how to do it. This could mean a great deal to my livelihood as this is becoming the of the coaching industry.
  2. Post it as a comment on my Facebook page or this blog post.
  3. Reply to this email and send me a personal note.
As my way of saying thank you for evening considering this, I’d like to offer you 41% any of the products on my website.
You can find them here.
Just select the products you want, click Add to Cart and then enter this code: BDAY16. It’s good til Nov 6th at midnight Alberta time.
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