Hub Marketing 30 Day Program

A Sustainable & Powerful Approach To Making More Money and Getting More Clients For Hippies


Every Tuesday from Nov 1-Nov. 29, 2022

Five weekly, 90-minute calls at 12pm Pacific

on the Tuesdays in November.






In January of 2011 I first led a 30-day program I call The Meantime focused on fast-cash tactics for entrepreneurs in trouble (it’s since become a staple program that I offer almost every year). 

120 people signed up and the response was extremely positive. 

But I warned people, “These tactics are just the short term fix. This isn’t the full solution. These approaches are not the long-term, sustainable answer to your business woes.”

And a few years before that, I led a marketing workshop in Seattle with a fellow named Dominic Canterbury. I can’t even recall how we met but, somehow, we ended up teaching together. 

Dominic isn’t not in the marketing game anymore but what I learned from him about the importance of relevance, credibility, value, niche and hubs ended up becoming central fixtures in the house of my business.

And, of all the things I teach in my day-long, Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop, the thing people have told me they were most excited by was Hub Marketing.

So, what is Hub Marketing? 

Imagine you have a cabin in the woods.

You turn it into a store. 

For people to show up at your store they need to be able to find it. 

No one is going to grab a machete and hack their way through the underbrush to find your store.

You need paths. Well trodden, clearly marked paths and with signs assuring people that, if they follow, they will get to your store.

No trails? No business.

Those paths are the “marketing tactics.” And there are many: public speaking, networking, writing articles and blog posts, Facebook ads, getting interviewed, publicity stunts, door knocking, posters, etc.

We could come up with dozens more.

Secret #1: Choosing the best path for you.

Here’s the secret . . . all these tactics work. I promise you, if you were to hit Google, you could find people teaching workshops about each of them. There are people whose whole business is primarily based on using one of those. 

So how do you choose which ones to use?

The same way you would choose the best physical exercise for yourself. You pick the one you will actually do. Is swimming technically the best? Maybe. But, if you almost drowned as a child it is not the best one for you. Do you like walking? Love playing basketball? Will you actually do them? Then they’re better for you.

If you won’t do it it’s of no use to you at all. 

Secret #2: Making that path work the best for you.

No matter which tactics you choose, there is one approach that will make those tactics work better for you. 

I’m not talking a little bit better. I’m talking twice as well. Ten times as well. There’s an approaching you can pair with any tactic that will dramatically increase its effectiveness.

What is that approach? Hub Marketing.

Let me invite you to my live workshop from 2012 where I share about this:

This Program Could Be A Fit For You If You:

  • Have got some semblance of a clear niche (or are willing to choose one to focus on for this 30 day course).
  • Resonate with the general approach laid out in the video above.
  • Are good at what you do.
  • Are willing to spend about seven hours a week on this. That means being able to make all or most of the calls (90 minutes each) and then to spend an additional five hours a week digging into this between the calls. 
  • Are in it for the long haul. This isn’t a hobby for you. This is a vocation. This is a career. This is a craft for you.

What’s Included In The Program:

  • Aopy of my eBook Hub Marketing and its accompanying workbook.
  • Five weekly, 90-minute calls via Zoom. 
  • An hour-long video of me teaching about Hub Marketing at a live workshop.
  • You’ll be directed to a carefully curated list of videos on Hub Marketing. 

Your Five Week Curriculum

Week One: Business Model

In the first week, you’ll be learning about how to get your business model set up properly so that, if people do show up wanting to spend money with you that you’re in a position to profit from this as much as possible. Imagine those clients are like water coming from a faucet and your business model is the bucket into which you’re pouring it. We want to make sure there are no leaks in that bucket. You’ll learn a bit about pricing, little things you can do to get more money per transaction (in ways that feel wonderful to your clients), how to get your clients to stick around longer, how to craft compelling offers and the importance of lowering the risk.

Week Two: Hot Marketing (Word of Mouth).

In week two, you’ll delve deep into Word of Mouth: how to support your clients and other hubs in spreading the word about what you do.  You’ll learn about the three levels of word of mouth, have a chance to hone the number one factor in determining whether it will work or not and learn many ways to make it more likely that you’ll get the buzz you deserve.

Week Three: Warm Marketing – The Inside Approach – Start With Your Own People

In week three, you’ll be learning some very practical and tactical approaches to pick the low hanging fruit of your business by starting with your existing clients and asking them for help. You’ll learn approaches for reaching out to family and friends, how to make offers to existing clients, the importance of Facebook Advertising, and, most importantly, how to set up formalized referral systems.

Week Four: Warm Marketing – The Outside Approach – Finding New People

Week four is all about how to reach outside of your existing network and find new people who have never heard of your business and who may have no connection to your existing clients. You’ll learn all about how to create your hubs database, how to approach hubs, how to use parties to market your work, how to approach networking from a ‘hub marketing’ lens, how to get hosted for what I call your “101 Presentation,” how to get interviewed etc.

Week Five: Cold Marketing

In week five, you’ll learn a few fast cash tactics on how to engage with total strangers and have that turn into business for you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Because it’s my first time doing this program, the cost is only $300 USD. 

To put this in context, if this content gets you one client or one new customer buying your product or service (and that customer comes back even a few times), this will almost certainly make you money right away.

Three Compelling Reasons To Sign Up Now:

Compelling Reason #1: Grounding Materials and a Meaningful Curriculum:

You will receive:

  • My Hub Marketing ebook (value $40 USD)
  • The accompanying Hub Marketing workbook 
  • The full POV GoogleDoc homework that I use with my core clients.
  • Weekly calls will run from 12-1:30pm Pacific.

Make sure you double check the time zone to make sure you’re able to make the calls. 

The calls will be recorded. 

Compelling Reason #2: At $300, this program is remarkably affordable for the amount of support material you receive and the ground we cover in our five calls together.
Compelling Reason #3: THIS IS IMPORTANT AND NEW: It Could Be Even MORE Affordable!
For Members of my Marketing for Hippies Membership Program, my 30-day programs are either 50% off or included, depending on what level of membership someone is.
This means that if you join my membership, if only for the duration of this 30-day program, it will cost you less than $300 to attend this Marketing for Hippies 101 30-Day program.
A quick math breakdown:

  • If you join at the Foundations level ($40 USD/month) then that’ll be $40 USD for the month + 50% off ($150 USD) = $190 USD for a $300 USD programPLUS you’ll have partial access to eBooks and mini courses (and 50% off anything you don’t get included) and can check out my Membership Program while you’re at it.
  • If you join at the Pro level ($100 USD/month) then that’ll be $100 USD for the month + 100% off the course ($0 USD) = $100 USD for a $300 USD program. PLUS you’ll have full access to eBooks and mini courses and can check out my Membership Program while you’re at it.

(Beyond The Money It Will Save You)

Reason #1: Get more direct feedback. It’s unlikely that everyone will get feedback in every call. You’ll have three distinct mechanisms to get support. You will have access to:

  • Membership Collaboration Calls that happen twice a week. In these calls, you’ll gather with other members and be broken into groups of four where you’ll each have eleven minutes to get support. You can use these sessions for help with your homework from the 30 day program and to keep you on track.
  • Weekly (at the Pro Level) or monthly (at the Foundations Level) Office Hours where you can ask your questions directly to me.
  • The Ask A Question and Ask for Feedback topics where you can post and tag me in between the calls.

Reason #2: Access to the the DIY versions. In the membership, you’ll get access to the video based versions of this including footage of this workshop from Victoria, England, Amsterdam and online plus links to articles and blogs to go deeper for free or 50%.
Reason #3: Three bonus courses to dig deeper. At the Foundations Level of the Membership, you’ll get access to three DIY courses to help you learn the content of this 30 days more deeply. The first is about the Three Roles of Marketing (which makes a sort of architecture of the day). The second is the Three Core Elements Of Your Marketing Strategy course which explores Niching, Hub Marketing & Business Model. The third is the Deeper Platform Work which will help you explore this thorny topic of niching from seven different angles. 
Reason #4: Eight more courses. If you’re at the Pro Level these are all free. If you’re at the Foundations Level, you get 50% off all of these courses. These cover niching (in an extremely robust and in depth way), Hub Marketing, and Copywriting. 
Reason #5: The whole damned library of my content neatly organized. All of my videos are in the Membership. So are all of my blog posts. I’ve also got other videos, pulled out from our weekly coaching calls there too. That will all be at your fingertips for the price of admission. 
Not-Yet-A-Reason-But-Maybe-Soon #6: Pods. We might be creating some internal ‘pods’ for each of the 30 Day Programs for members. This is a maybe. We’re looking at it now. 
This means you actually need to register for the Membership, activate your account, and then you can sign up for the Marketing for Hippies 101 30-Day Program within the Membership. 
If you’d like to take this step, on want to read about what it’ll look like, go HERE and I’ll outline what to expect from the process.
To Recap:

  • You get two eBooks full of content to help you dig deeper into what you’ve learned. This material is the result of a decade of work and research, and thousands of dollars in filming, editing, designing and transcribing to get it “just right.”
  • You get five 90-minute calls with me and your cohort to go over every step of this process and ask your specific questions along the way. 
  • You get five-weeks of support from myself and your cohort.
  • REMEMBER: If you join my Membership first, then this 30-day program will actually be only two thirds or one third the price. Check out how HERE.

How much does this all cost?
I am only charging $300 USD for this program.
No early bird specials. Just a sweet deal from the beginning.
I hope you’ll agree this is a bargain of a price.
And if that’s too much all at once, there’s even a 3-Pay Option where you pay $100 per month for three months.
OR it could just be cheaper if you become a Member first.
If you want to go that route, go HERE first.
If you just want to pay $300 USD and sign up for the 30-Day Program only, click the big red button below.

If the timing or money don’t work for right now, feel free to get yourself a copy of my eBook Hub Marketing eBook: Build Your Business By Building Community and Relationships or check out my Hub Marketing video playlist on YouTube. 

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