A Five-Week, Virtual Workshop

where you can learn the marketing secrets of North America’s most successful green, holistic, community-minded entrepreneurs and attract more of the clients you want (without ever sacrificing your integrity or spending a fortune).


Every Wednesday from April 17th – May 15th. Calls at 1pm MST.

Calls last 90 minutes.



“Marketing can feel good.”

This is the core idea behind this five-week program.

But for so many people it doesn’t.

To take it a step further: for marketing to be effective it must feel good. After all, if marketing feels bad, you will avoid doing it and others will avoid wanting to do business with you.

To go even one step further than that: I think marketing can not only feel good but also be effective at the same time. This program explores how.

Too much marketing (even by savvy, conscious entrepreneurs) creates either no response or seems “over-hyped,” and triggers a “used car salesman” reaction.

Since 2001, I have traveled around North America and the UK and worked with conscious entrepreneurs just like you. Some successful, others struggling. And I’ve gathered quite the assortment of success stories and strategies right from the horses’ mouths.

And, if there’s one thing all of this has shown me it’s that marketing can feel good.

This five-week program is my best distillation and collection of those practices and stories.

WilCarlos_Testimonial“His material and approach has become ‘required reading’ for anyone that I work with.”

“Since meeting Tad 4 years ago his material and approach has become ‘required reading’ for anyone that I work with, especially in communications and marketing. If someone says ‘Oh I don’t like that’ then I know we aren’t a fit to work together! I train people to fundraise in a way that is fun, easy and works. Tad’s approach to marketing is so in line with what I do and the way I do it that I often find his words coming out of my mouth when asking for donations. And thats fine with me cause it works!”

— Wil Carlos, wilcarlostraining.com

This Program Could Be a Fit for You If:

  • You’ve recently attended my day-long, Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop and are wanting help with putting plans into action, implementation, direction and reinforcement.
    • PLEASE NOTE: this five-week program will not be a repeat of what you learned in my one-day workshop. It is a five-week program that proceeds assuming you’ve already learned the content of the one-day workshop. Everyone in the program will have attended my day-long event or watched the video of the day-long workshop. We won’t be rehashing that content so much as implementing it. This is a sort of “Stage Two” of the process. It’s the hands on wondering of what all these ideas might look like in your situation and how they might find a home in your business.
  • You’ve always wanted to come to one of my workshops but have never been able to.
    • PLEASE NOTE: I’ll ask you to watch the video of my day-long workshop in advance of this program so that you arrive understanding and ready to implement the basic Marketing for Hippies 101 work.
  • Marketing feels gross, pushy, awkward and unnatural to you and you are curious about why that is.
  • Your current approach to marketing doesn’t seem to be effective . . . and you have no idea why.
  • You are a conscious entrepreneur (e.g. you are selling a natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free or otherwise healthy product or you’re in the Healing Arts. Or you’re a Holistic Practitioner (perhaps you’re a Therapist, Massage Therapist or Body-worker, Yoga Instructor, Herbalist, Shamanic Practitioner, Life-Coach, Meditation Teacher etc.). Or you’re a local business owner who cares deeply about community, nature and social justice. Maybe you run a Yoga Studio, an Eco-Friendly House Cleaning company, an Organic Farm, a local Theatre Company, a Fitness Studio, a comfy, little locally owned Bookstore, a groovy local Restaurant, an Eco Store, a Pottery Shop or a Natural Health Food Store etc. Or perhaps you’re running some sort of permaculture-based business.
  • You like the idea that marketing could actually feel good (even if you can’t imagine how).  You’re drawn to the question: “How can I sell my products and services without selling my soul?”
  • You want to market your products without compromising your principles. How can you make sure your marketing gets a positive response and creates warm feelings of trust? Better yet — how do you have your ideal client approaching you, instead of you chasing them?


“I couldn’t possibly put a value on this content. It’s priceless.”

“I believe we have a responsibility to let people know where there’s help and hope available for them. The passion, energy, integrity and humour in Marketing 101 reminds me that that is entirely possible. Tad, you’re a marvel and an inspiration. I couldn’t possibly put a value on this content. It’s priceless.”

— Lisa Barber, rootsandwings.biz


In this five-week program, you will:

  • learn 5 reasons why marketing matters in making the world be a better place (so you don’t see marketing as just a selfish act).
  • get a lucid and simple answer to the question, “why does marketing feel bad? (so you can make sure your marketing never does).
  • learn about the dynamics of Posturing, Collapsing & Composure (which may help you see the exact dynamic that’s keeping you stuck – you may have never noticed this before).
  • hear about the concept of “polarizing” in marketing (and how how being extremely real, honest and vulnerable can get you more of the kinds of clients you’re craving).
  • learn about the three kinds of prospectors. Every potential client you will ever meet fits into one of these three categories. Each of them requires an entirely different strategy. Learning this will let you know exactly what you need to do with each person you meet while avoiding manipulative tactics of any kind.
  • get to explore the three roles of marketing. Most people think that marketing has only one role: to get people to say “yes.” I disagree with this. Understanding these three roles is like hooking up a flawless diagnostic machine to all of your marketing that can pin point exactly where your issues are and what to do about them. It will also free you from the need to use any sort of approach to marketing that could feel even slightly bad to anyone (including you).
  • learn the three core elements of your marketing strategy. Whenever I look at any business it is always through the lense of these three pieces. When these three pieces are in place, you attract clients without a lot of extra fuss and good vibes for everyone. When these three pieces aren’t in place, everything is a struggle.
  • learn about the notion of establishing your container so that you can make sure your business is safe to approach (an unappreciated concept in the world of marketing) but is also sustainable for you.
  • learn about how to use the idea of paths to make it incredibly easy for your ideal clients to find you (so you can stop working so hard trying to find them).
  • finally understand why marketing has been so hard when you learn the three levels of marketing (and how so many of the marketing courses out there focus only on the first of the three levels).
  • get three simple strategies for identifying and connecting with your hubs (and learn why this is the most important thing that anyone could do to attract more of the quality of clients that you want).
  • learn the seven things your business can be known for (most entrepreneurs only ever focus on one of these seven). This is a conversation that digs deep into the notions of branding and identity.


Six Compelling Reasons to Sign Up:

Compelling Reason #1: You Get the Full Footage From my Live, Marketing for Hippies 101 Workshop the moment you sign up.

While I was in Victoria, BC in 2014, I had Canadian film maker Ian Mackenzie record the latest version of my workshop so I could make it available to those who have never had the chance to attend my workshop and to whose cities I may, sadly, never come.

Before the program begins, you will be expected to watch this full two-and-half-hour video of this live workshop (and, for extra points, dive into the Bonus Materials you’ll learn about below).

When I do this workshop live, participants don’t get the advantage of being able to pause, rewind and watch it over again. And they haven’t gotten any of the bonus materials listed below. You can watch, streaming online or download to your computer.

Small Disclaimer: We forgot to mic the audience. For the most part I restate what they have said, but I miss it a few times. You’re not missing anything vital and it doesn’t happen much but I know this sort of thing can drive some people crazy. :-) 

Compelling Reason #2: Your Private Marketing for Hippies 101 Facebook Group

Built into this program is a private Facebook group where you can connect with others who are going through the same program. You’ll be able to share your wins and put out requests for support in where you’re stuck. We’ll also use this group during the Office Hours calls as a virtual poster-board.

Compelling Reason #3: Customized, “Get-Your-Questions-Answered” Weekly Office Hours.

Each week, you’ll get to partake in a 90-minute group call where we will dig into the content you learned. These calls will be structured entirely on your questions. We will cover whatever aspects of the content were most interesting and/or confusing to you. You’ll hear my personal thoughts on how those principles might apply to you and your situation.

From April 17th through May 15th, you’ll be able to phone into the Office Hours group conference call and speak to me personally to share your progress and get reflections from myself and everyone else on the call about how to work on the areas in which you might be stuck. I’ll communicate with as many people as I can in the 90 minutes. Think of it as a group coaching call.

These calls will all be recorded.

Weekly office hours from 1:00pm – 2:30pm MST every Wednesday from April 17th to May 15th. So that means five calls on Wednesdays April 17th, 24th, May 1st, 8th and 15th. Make sure you double check the time zone to make sure you’re able to make the calls. Calls will be recorded if you’re ever not able to make the call or want to re-listen to it.

Compelling Reason #4: Three Carefully Crafted Bonus Materials to Help You Deepen Your Understanding

Not only do you get the full footage of the core content from my Marketing for Hippies 101 workshop, you’ll also get these three extras.


Bonus #1: The Calgary Video

60-minutes of footage from a workshop that I led in Calgary a few years ago covering content that I no longer cover in my day-long workshops (even though it’s really good stuff) and a recap of some of the content of the core video. You’ll learn about the importance of your Unique Selling Proposition, a bit more about hubs, why marketing is like baseball and more. 

PLUS: you’ll also get the complete 25 page transcript from this workshop.


Bonus #2: The Complete Marketing for Hippies 101 Transcript

Don’t find watching videos the easiest way to learn?

You’ll also get the complete, 53 page written transcript (in PDF format) of the Victoria workshop to review, highlight and scribble on (if you print it out!) at your leisure.

PLUS: you’ll also get the full digital audio files in case you want to just listen to this workshop.


Bonus #3: The Marketing for Hippies 101 Workbook & Bonus Reading

Want to dig deeper into the material?

Then you’ll enjoy this 44 pages of bonus reading and exercises to more fully explore the content you’ll learn in the videos.


Compelling Reason #5: Spread Out Over Five-Calls

When people attend my live workshops, they get all of this content but they don’t get all of the additional support you’re getting here to help them integrate it. I run that day-long workshop on a pay-what-you-can basis meaning people give me a $25 deposit to confirm their spot and then pay me whatever they want to pay at the very end based on what they thought it was worth. I’ve received as little as $5 (with an incredibly kind note about how this was genuinely all she could afford) and as much as $600.

But, when people ask me what I would charge for this day-long workshop, I feel very at ease in saying $200. For most people if they were to get even one repeat client from what they learned it would mean at least $200 and likely much more. So you’re getting the content plus additional support and coaching in integrating it into your business.

Compelling Reason #6: Cheap Like Borscht

I am pricing this program low for a few reasons. On the selfish level, it’s pretty simple.

I want this to be a no brainer for you to sign up.

I don’t want to have to spend a lot of time marketing this or convincing anyone it’s a good idea.

So that’s the main reason.

Plus, if you like this material, which represents my core point of view on marketing then you’ll be more likely to sign up for other more expensive programs of mine and maybe want to hire me one on one. You’ll be more likely to buy my eBooks. You’ll be more likely to spread the word about me to your colleagues.

On the altruistic level, this is material I simply want to see out there. If you get a handle on your marketing, not only will you make more money, you’ll show other people that making money doing what you love is possible. You’ll also, because you’re savvier about marketing, be better at helping your friends with their marketing. I dream of a movement of marketing savvy social entrepreneurs who are able to make green, sustainable and holistic things seem normal instead of making normal things seem green, sustainable and holistic.

Plus, I’ve had so many people tell me they want to attend a workshop of mine but that they couldn’t travel to Canada to attend. So, I’m trying to make this material more accessible to a wider audience.


“It is so enjoyable, the information ‘sticks’ more.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Marketing for Hippies video Set. Tad is honest, funny, transparent and real. This kind of delivery is refreshing to watch and because it is so enjoyable, the information ‘sticks’ more. I can recommend it to everyone looking to ethically boost the reach of their business.”

— Andrew Johnson, withandrewjohnson.com


Important Note: This program uses a Facebook group as the platform for you to share your questions for each call. Tad will not be checking the Facebook group in between calls although you are welcome to use it to connect with the other participants. Your questions will only be answered live on the calls if you are on the call although calls will be recorded.

How much does this all cost?

I am only charging $200 USD for this program.

No early bird specials. Just a sweet deal from the beginning.

I hope you’ll agree this is a bargain of a price.

And if that’s too much all at once, there’s even a 3-Pay Option where you pay $67 per month for three months.

I hope you’ll consider joining me.



Marketing for Hippies 101 - 5 Week Program
Marketing for Hippies 101 - 5 Week Program

Your 5-Week Online Course

PLUS the two-and-a-half hour Marketing for Hippies 101 Video, a 60 minute bonus video, the Complete Marketing for Hippies 101 Transcript, the Marketing for Hippies 101 Workbook, and Bonus Reading.

Please Note: price listed in USD
Price: $200.00

Marketing for Hippies 101 - 5 Week Program: 3-PAY OPTION
Marketing for Hippies 101 - 5 Week Program: 3-PAY OPTION

Your 5-Week Online Course

3-Pay Option: three monthly payments of $67 each

PLUS the two-and-a-half hour Marketing for Hippies 101 Video, a 60 minute bonus video, the Complete Marketing for Hippies 101 Transcript, the Marketing for Hippies 101 Workbook, and Bonus Reading.

Please Note: price listed in USD
Price: $67.00

To Recap:

  • You get three-and-a half-hours of video and 122 pages of content to help you dig deeper into what you’ve learned. This material is the result of a decade of work and research, and thousands of dollars in filming, editing, designing and transcribing to get it “just right.”
  • You get five-weeks of support from myself and your cohort.