3 Essential Questions to Ask Before Sharing What You Do

So, Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs (pictured here) are a bit brilliant.

This amazing husband and wife team run Rejuvenate Training and help holistic practitioners to build a practice where they make $10,000/month working only three days per week.

When I first met them I learned a bit about their notion of ‘heart selling’ vs. ‘hard selling’. And what follows is, I think, a particularly brilliant piece of what they share. If you want more – I recommend checking out their site and getting in touch with them. They offer some pretty amazing workshops.

3 Essential Questions to Ask Before Sharing What You Do

– by Jesse Koren and Sharla Jacobs

We’ve all been there.  You’re at a party and the person you’re talking with is an obvious match as a potential client.  And instead of feeling awkward transitioning the social conversation into a Heartselling™ conversation, you want to do it gracefully, without seeming intrusive or pushy.

It might go something like this:  you’ve just met Jane at your friend’s party and you’re having a friendly conversation.  She’s tells you a little about herself, including how she knows the host and what she does for a living.  You’re both feeling pretty connected with each other.

Then she mentions that she can’t eat the cream cheese-filled appetizer because she had her gallbladder removed three years ago and hasn’t been able to eat fats since that time.  She seems to feel comfortable with you because you’ve become an amazing Heartseller™, so she shares some other health concerns that have come up since her surgery.

YOU happen to specialize in helping women with these types of digestive problems.  So how do you transition from what she says into share about what you do?

First, if you remember from the article in our last edition of the 6-Figure Practice Ezine, one of the reasons it’s so important to solve a problem for people is that it becomes very obvious when people are your potential clients and when they’re not.

And if you’re in a conversation and you believe that you can solve a problem the person is sharing with you, this creates a great opportunity to segue from a social conversation into a Heartselling™ conversation.

If your potential client says a phrase that indicates that you can help, you can continue to get curious with them and now take the time to share about what you do.

But before you tell her you can support her with the solution to her problem, you’ve got to dig a little deeper so she is really hungry for your services.

When someone shares a variation of one of the phrases that indicates they are a potential client (see last week’s article), there are 3 essential questions to ask so they are eager to learn more about what you do:

Question 1: “How is that for you?”
“Wow, that sounds _________________________(challenging, terrible, frustrating, etc.) Say some more about that.”

Question 2: “What do you want instead?”

This puts them on the track of possibility and excitement…and they’ll get present to the solution they want.

Question 3: “How would your life change if you had that?”

Once they’ve answered these questions, their problem will be more in the forefront of their mind, and you will increase their desire for the solution to that problem. They will be primed for Stage 3 (of the 6 Stages of Heartselling™), which is where you get to share what you do as a resource to support them to get what they said they wanted.



If you want more help figuring out a non-gross and non-awkward approach to selling then check out my Heart of Selling Interview with Mark Silver



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