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Tad’s Social Media Coordinator Checklist

Thanks so much for your interest in this webinar. 

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Here are the time stamps (they can also be found in the description of the YouTube video):

00:00:00 Intro 


00:05:13 What to post on Instagram to reach your goals 

00:15:04 When to post on Instagram 

00:17:27 Guiding your social media audience toward your paid offerings 

00:21:20 Harnessing the Algorithm 

00:22:33 How to best use Hashtags 

00:24:42 Examples of good posts 

00:26:30 How to stay consistent in your posting 

00:33:40 Rebecca’s Shameless Plug 


00:39:38 Tads Instagram Revamp Backstory 

00:40:40 Social Media as the ‘Long Game’ 

00:43:14 How Tad uses Instagram to grow his email list (tips and tricks!) 

01:01:09 Tad’s system for staying organized in everything instagram 


01:07:20 Olivier M, “What’s the best way to take people on a journey, into my sound healing business, once they engage with my Instagram?” 

01:12:35 Krystyna I, “There is almost no engagement with the 20K Instagram account I run. How do I change this?” 

01:22:25 Alicia O, “I’m curious about what tools I should use to create my systems for Instagram?” 

01:24:23 Laura L, “Is the lack of engagement and client conversions in my Birth Work Instagram because of my content, or my short time in business?” 

01:34:02 Cathy S, “Systems are so complicated! How can I make it simple in the beginning?” 

01:41:23 Jerome B, “I got a rapid increase in followers for my healing business, and I need to set up a pink spoon fast.” 

01:49:04 Sol S, “I have Instagram travel content and coaching content. When/Should I create 2 separate accounts?” 

01:53:38 Jen P, “How is thought leadership beneficial to connecting with friends and growing your Instagram?” 

01:58:50 Outro


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