• http://catalyticcom.com Lance Scott

    Thanks, that was helpful.

  • Siemeni

    Amazing, powerful video. He got to the point: the WHY.
    Marketing with the WHY instead of with the WHAT….

    Thanks, Tad

  • http://www.marketingforhippies.com tadlington

    SIEMENI – Isn’t it so good? makes so much sense when you hear it. i love things like that. like ‘why didn’t i think of that before?’

  • Nadine Riopel

    LOVE.  Thank you.  This is so encouraging because actually, I think I am much closer to figuring out the ‘why’ of what I do than I am to figuring out either the specific ‘how’ or ‘what’.  A little work on that, using this perspective, and I think I could easily articulate it.  Thank you, thank you!

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