The Niching Nest (e-book version)
The Niching Nest (e-book version)

Insights, Strategies and Unconventional Wisdom to Help You Find Comfort and Clarity in Your Niching Journey

Why this book?

Because niching is hard.

The two qualities I have found that seem to characterize the whole process of niching for most people are confusion and discomfort.

Many people have been struggling with this question of ‘What is my niche?‘ for years. And it can be immensely painful.

The Niching Nest starts with an understanding of niching that is not common: that your niche is not simply your brand or target market but your role in the community.

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Marketing for Hippies 101

Tad Hargrave's two-and-a-half hour Marketing for Hippies 101 video on how to grow your green, local and holistic business.

Learn the marketing secrets of North America’s most successful green, holistic, community-minded entrepreneurs and attract more of the clients you want (without ever sacrificing your integrity or spending a fortune).

PLUS three bonuses: the 60 minute bonus video, The Complete Marketing for Hippies 101 Transcript and The Marketing for Hippies 101 Workbook & Bonus Reading. For More Info, click here.

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The Heart of Selling: An Interview with Mark Silver

Sales. This is an area where I see many service providers struggle. And, years ago, it was an area where I had some confusion and questions too. And, so I called up my dearest colleague and marketing bromance Mark Silver to delve into this perilous and sticky terrain and get his perspective on how to sell without any of the grossness or awkwardness. We recorded the conversation and, years later, I am finally releasing this 83 page ebook to the world (with a few added bonuses).

Who Is It For? Service provider (e.g. holistic practitioner, life coach, permaculture practitioner etc.) who don’t have as many of the kinds of clients as they’d like to have but who hate the idea of selling anyone anything (e.g. trying to get someone to book the first appointment because they’re terrified of coming across as pushy. Also – those who feel really uneasy about asking clients to rebook at the end of the session).

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The Top Ten Blunders Holistic Practitioners & Life Coaches Make

If you’re a service provider like an holistic practitioner, life coach or permaculture practitioner who is struggling to get enough clients, this 40 page ebook is well worth the time and money. In my experience, most service providers make the same blunders. And if all you do is to stop making these blunders, you’re well ahead of the game.

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22 Myths About Building Your Practice: Learn Almost Two Dozen Ways You Might Be Unwittingly Sabotaging Your Own Success

This 53 page ebook delves deep into what I see as the 22 most pervasive and limiting myths that holistic practitioners, life coaches and permaculture folks often come to believe. This is my belief: most practitioners fail not because it’s inevitable, but because they believe certain myths about building their practice. They are like lenses or filters they look through that colour everything. When I say ‘myth’ I mean the assumptions that most practitioners operate under about what is normal and what is possible. These myths determine what they do and don’t do in their marketing.

Who Is It For?: Holistic practitioners who have been stuck in a plateau for a while in their business growth (and can’t figure out why). You must be open to the idea that what’s holding you back are your own unquestioned thoughts about business growth.

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Grow Your Email List with The Free Gift Workbook

In ten hours or less you could have many more of your homepage visitors excitedly joining your email list – simply by offering them a thoughtful and useful free gift.

Who Is It For?: “The Free Gift” workbook could be profoundly useful to you if you have your own website for your business, you’re excited about growing your email list, you’re crystal clear on who you are trying to reach, the problems they’re struggling with that you can help them solve and the results you’re excited to help them produce and you’re willing to make a one time investment of at least 5 – 10 hours to create something really extraordinary.

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Crystal Clear: Five Simple & Proven Ways to Describe What You Do So That People Get it (Even if it Seems Hopeless)

Over the years, I have heard the following sentiment from a good chunk of my clients.

“How the f#@* do I articulate what I do?!”

Is this you? After you tell someone (who you genuinely think you could help) what you do they often say things like, “wow. that’s really interesting . . . say . . . I’ve got to get some punch . . .” You can tell that, the more you talk about what you do, the more you lose them. When you’re talking with someone you know you could help, you can just tell that they aren’t ‘getting it’. You have a strong sense that they way you’re describing what you do now (in person or in your marketing materials) isn’t as strong, compelling or clear as it could be.

What you do is difficult to sum up into a nifty catchphrase (and you’ve likely tried a lot of different ways). It might feel like, “well, either have to say it in 5 words or 5000 words” but you can’t find the middle ground. You hate the idea of crafting a scripted ‘elevator pitch’ you need to memorize.

If this is you, I think you’ll find there’s hope. As you work through this 46 page workbook, I predict you’ll begin to feel oceans of blessed relief pouring over you as the words come together and you begin to breathe again knowing that, next time you are faced with this question – you will have a clear and compelling answer. The answers you come up with will serve you equally well in person, in a brochure, on your website or in live talks.

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