• freedomseeker

    I never thought about it before but yes, coaching isn’t a business, it’s a skill. They should teach this in all coach training! Thanks for bringing these two trendsetters to our attention Tad.

  • http://marketingforhippies.com Tad Hargrave

    they’re kind of the best. glad you like it.

  • RebeccaTracey

    they SHOULD teach this… too bad they don’t! Most coaching schools do have their own marketing programs though, that I’m sure are worthwhile. We’re just offering a different perspective :)

  • Stephanie

    Sounds like an awesome program, congrats you two!

  • http://www.ThriveWithAutism.ca/ Jackie McMillan

    Good timing, Tadlington. Thanks for the referral…

  • ironic

    soo…speaking of not using jargon, what’s the difference between a niche and expertise in this context?

  • http://marketingforhippies.com Tad Hargrave

    there’s a certain degree of semantics here. to me your niche is the place you occupy in the market place. and it can be defined by a lot of things: what you do, how you do it, who you do it for. so, I think ones expertise is a PART of our niche.

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