13 minute video: What if marketing felt good? (from live workshop)

Most marketing feels terrible to everyone.

And yet so many people simply say, “Well. This is how it is. You’ve got to pay the mortgage, you know?”

Many of us feel like we have to choose between doing marketing that is pushy, manipulative and gross or do no marketing at all.

It’s a terrible place to be in.

Thankfully, you don’t have to choose.

Marketing can feel good.

Punchline: the ‘feeling good’ is a part of the effectiveness.

Stated another way: when marketing feels bad it is less effective.

In this 13-minute video above, filmed at one of my live workshops, you’ll…

  • hear me unpack and explore the consequences and implications of what happens when marketing feels bad and what might happen if it felt really good in a way you may have never heard done before.
  • learn a simple exercise you can do to get clear on how you want your marketing to feel (it’s a bit different for everyone)
  • learn the number one factor in marketing that, even if the product and service are amazing, makes everything feel terrible.

Note: The audio for audience comments in the first couple of minutes is hard to hear without earphones but then it’s fine.

If you’d like to spend six weeks with other good people from around the world exploring how you could make your marketing feel good to yourself and the people receiving it (while still being effective), then I invite you to check out my six-week, Marketing for Hippies 101 program.

It is extremely affordable. There are no early-bird specials, just an honest, straight-forward good deal.

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  • aor

    Tad, great video! I really think you’ve touched on the core of the problem here. If you don’t think what you’re doing is good (however you define that), no marketing tactic
    or technique can ever overcome that.
    And your audience will sniff it out and run away!! They know they can’t trust you.

  • Yanina Aldao

    Tad, great topic. I think most of us in the Heart based Marketing and Advertising field, feel disgusted at the old Marketing patterns, is like everything, the old paradigm is falling and a new one is rising.
    What I like about marketing, is that is a tool that allows for me to share and promote the world I want to live in. That’s right! I get to chose my clients, and only promote what I believe in. Let’s say, yoga teachers, healers, organic produce, CSA’s, Conservation Trusts, etc.
    I think in order for marketing to feel good, you have to believe that a better world is possible and that with your contribution and the help and support of people like you, a more loving and peaceful life on Earth is our future. So, to all the Heart Businesses out there: Keep promoting yourselves! If you want the world to change, we have to let the world know we are here.

  • Tad, I love how you “get” this stuff and how you teach in a way that helps your audience also “get” it. I taught my kids that if you only treat people with courtesy and honesty (and expect that from people that you encounter on your path as well) as much as we give and receive those qualities will determine how happy our relationships and lives will be. I see that this holds true in business relationships too! Courtesy and honesty – the more those spread, the better off everyone will be :) Thanks again for some wonderful, impactful (hmmm seems spell check doesn’t think that is a word…), information