13 minute video: Why Does Marketing Feel Bad – Posturing, Collapsing and Composure

In today’s 13-minute video above Why Does Marketing Feel Bad – Posturing, Collapsing and Composure, you’ll learn:
  • My candid thoughts on why marketing feels bad so often (I have a strong opinion about this). I think that there is one central issue that I rarely ever hear discussed amongst most of my colleagues.
  • The difference between posturing and collapsing (and the hidden agenda that runs them both).
  • The hidden agenda that sits at the centre of most mainstream sales and marketing processes.
  • What you can do instead of collapsing or posturing and what the overt, plainly stated agenda in all marketing needs to be (there is only one agenda that works)

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About Tad

  • Killer content, Tad! Every time I hear you teach it lights me up like a switchboard: heart, brain and soul. It’s just so real, true, and necessary. Thank you for all you do.

  • Great information again and, more than that, I love the way you “unpack” information to help me “get” what you see and understand about whatever you are sharing! :)

  • kayross

    Wow, that is so helpful and insightful Tad, thank you! I see myself there – for many years I’ve flip-flopped between Posturing and Collapsing (with a tendency more towards Collapsing), and more recently I’ve become more comfortable and confident about Composure. In your list of behaviors, I’d add unhealthy over-giving as a Collapsing behavior, withholding information as a Posturing behavior, and co-operation, honesty, and authenticity as Composure behaviors.

  • DonnaPowers

    Love this!! Truth, resonance and mutual respect. Thank you Tad!