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Why “Stop Playing Small” is Bullshit

Born in the Autumn of 1904, Alberta Christine Williams returned to her home in Georgia from teachers college and taught for a short period before getting married to her husband on Thanksgiving Day in 1926. At the time female teachers were not allowed to work while they were married, so Alberta had to give up her job. However, …

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Marketing for Hippies Membership

Membership Program Join Us! Dig in deep and get the support you need to lay the foundations of a beautiful & profitable business that you’re proud of for $100 USD/month. Enjoy A Seven-Day Free Trial To Check It Out SIGN UP FOR THE marketing for hippies MEMBERSHIP! Greetings, If you’re reading this, you’re already familiar …

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Not Feeling Confident

Greetings, Last week we spoke about being stuck. Sometimes the “feeling stuck” comes from a deeper place of just not being confident in ourselves. And it doesn’t matter how many fancy marketing tactics you learn if, at the end of the day, you’re terrified to be seen. And, over the years, I’ve had a lot …

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Slow Marketing

Slow Marketing – Best Articles Slow Marketing – Best Articles

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