• Tanja Gardner

    Great post, Tim! I look forward to trying out some of the techniques that have been successful for you on my own Facebook fanpage.



  • http://creativeagencysecrets.com/ Rebecca Caroe

    Tad and Tim, thanks for facilitating this blog post. We use the EXACT same techniques that you do with two exceptions

    1 – we post much more frequently (this is making a sea-change in the volume of likes and shares)

    2 – the comments are now cross-enabled on our website blog and on Facebook so if someone comments on Facebook you can read it on the blog and vice versa.

    Our philosophy is that readers will read our things on the platform they prefer – so let them get it where they choose. BUT never forget that Facebook owns Facebook not you and so we actively drive readers back to our website and blog because once there, they will browse and may buy or join our mailing list.

    We are writing a case study of our work with two clients (Coxmate) and (Rowperfect) which is starting today for 2 weeks.

    Here’s part one of the case http://creativeagencysecrets.com/driving-facebook-likes-and-follows-bni-new-business-tip-of-the-week/

    The rest will follow when we have results….. happy to share with your community if you would like another guest post, Tad.

    Rebecca Caroe, Creative Agency Secrets

  • katelovingshenk

    Great job, Tim! Thanks for the easy to follow strategies!

  • Kwan Yin Healing

    You know it’s interesting — if I post more than a few a day, I’ll get a few unlikes (though still a net gain). I suppose it depends greatly on your audience. In my case — I simply don’t want to be spending much time on Facebook posts.

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